What Is The Difference Between Jumpsuit And Romper?

In the last couple of years, jumpsuits and rompers have become extremely popular. Though they are present for quite some time, a lot of people are still confused if these two garments are the same or have differences.

In the actual fact, jumpsuits and rompers are two different things. Either way, read on to learn more about these two trendy women’s clothing.

What Is A Romper?

A romper is a one-piece and loose garment combining a blouse or shirt as well as shorts or bloomer-like pants.

This clothing is extremely versatile. In fact, you can wear it under a cardigan or a denim jacket with ease if the weather is a bit cold. But usually, rompers are worn in the summer season.

Further, it is made of lightweight and breathable materials that let you move comfortably. Though some elegant items are made of chiffon and silk so that they can be used on formal gatherings.

What Is A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are also a one-piece garment that consists of either a shirt or blouse that has attached trousers.

This clothing comes in various shapes in which the cut of the pants will complement your body type.

A wide-leg jumpsuit is perfect for ladies who have pear-shaped bodies. It will also make a person slimmer and taller especially when paired with high-heeled or wedged sandals.

Nevertheless, the bottom and top parts may feature two different patterns that will complement one another.

Difference Between A Jumpsuit and Romper

One of the most significant differences between a jumpsuit and a romper is the length of the attached pants. Usually, these two garments are made of connected bottom and top, but jumpsuits tend to have long pants and full sleeves sometimes. A romper, on the other hand, is commonly a skirt or shorts on the bottom and more like a t-shirt on top.

There is also a difference when it comes to the materials used. As mentioned earlier, rompers are made of lightweight and breathable materials, whereas jumpsuits are typically made of a heavier material like denim, velvet, and corduroy.

In addition to that, a jumpsuit will look good on leather jackets, while a romper can be paired with a denim jacket.


As you can see there is a lot of differences between a jumpsuit and romper. However, both garments can be a great addition to your wardrobe. If you love wearing shorts, then go for a romper, but if you prefer using pants then a jumpsuit can be a great option. Nevertheless, if you’ve decided to buy a romper, take note there are some factors that you need to consider when choosing.