Tips to banish oily skin by an ayurvedic method

Oily skin has the natural characteristic to segregate oil on the oil regularly. A person with oily skin will not affordable to use any skincare products and creams. Within a few hours, the skin will remove the creams from the skin by making exacerbate oil.

Pollution and dirt can lead to making bumps on oily skin; it tends to less prone to wrinkles. Bumps provide the look of aging primarily by the outer epidermis layer in the skin. Check out the tried and tested ways to control the excess oil and to keep clear skin.

What are the tips to treat oily skin?


Cleansing twice or thrice in a day will rid from dirt, oil and clogged pores. Choose the product which has rich foaming cleansers to treat oily skin. Abrasive cleaning techniques tend to give moisturize and controls the sebaceous glands. Concentrate on the ingredient of neem, tea tree oil, honey, and salicylic acid or best ayurvedic fairness cream for oily skin to treat oily skin to stop producing oil in the skin.


Scrubbing your skin once or twice in a week is imperative to peel the oil from the skin and controls the sebum. Sebum is the oily skin tends to produce dead skin on the top layer of surface and it results in pimples, acne, whiteheads and dull. To avoid these renew your skin by using a mixture of lemon and sugar to scrub. Scrub the skin by gentle manner don’t treat harsh scrubber it will damage the skin.

Try Face masks

  • Mash up the pulp of ripe papaya and add required quantity of lemon and mix it will remain that for few minutes to get combine mixture. Apply the cream on face and leave it to get dry then wash off it with cold water.
  • Cut a fresh apple into slices and blend them with honey to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste on face and allows it to dry then rinse with water.

Try out the above pieces of information to apply face mask in a week it will help to hydrate skin and tighten the pores to avoid further effects. Follow up the method of the face mask to fight against oily skin and it absorbs oil.

Moisturize regularly

Contradictory of common belief oily skin has to moisturize and hydrate regularly. The process of stripping the skin will encourage the sebum to produce more oil. Choose the moisturizer which is water-based and to make oil-free to control the oil-producing components in the skin.

Don’t skip Sunscreen

While using the skin care cream to oily skin gives the look of greasiness to avoid this they skip to use sunscreen. By avoid using sunscreen it results in pigmentation, brown spots and freckles from the causes of the sun.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated in the sun and wipe out your face with soft daily twice per day. Prefer green fruits and vegetables in a routine diet to regulate hydration on the body. It will help to avoid sunscreen and adequate sun protection.