Know All About the Latest Available Trends in Gold Jewellery Designs!

Gold jewellery has played an important role in the lives of Indian people since time immemorial. Not only is gold precious, but also the variety of designs of gold jewellery are many and diverse.

In olden days, gold jewellery used to be extremely heavy. The ornaments contained more gold and did not have the finesse of the pieces available today. With the evolution of time and people’s tastes, the designs of gold jewellery have also undergone significant changes. Women nowadays, especially, prefer to go for lighter minimalistic designs over the razzamatazz of traditional jewellery.

Let us take a gander at thetrends in latest gold jewellery designs.

All you need to know about the latest jewellery trends:

Even though many metals have found their way into the jewellery boxes of Indian women, gold remains unparalleled. With jewellers bringing in new designs every year, people seldom have any complaints about the variety and range of gold ornaments.

Some of the latest trends and designs in jewellery include:

  • Danglers/jhumkas:

Even though gold jhumkas are not exactly a recent trend, they are still making statements in 2018. From being a favourite among brides to jazzing up any occasion, jhumkas are here to stay amidst the top jewellery trends in the country.

  • Long necklaces:

Long necklaces paired with matching earrings are one of the most preferred jewellery pieces among brides. Latest designs also include layered necklaces with two or three layers. These necklaces, even worn alone, are enough to take your dress to a whole new level.

  • Armlets/bajubandhs:

Wearing an armlet has made its way back into the recent jewellery trends. Armlets come in beautiful and intricately carved designs with meenakari work on them. They can either be thick and heavy or even come in a narrow chain like designs.

  • Pendant sets:

Pendants are perhaps the most popular jewellery trends in recent years. Since they are affordable and are useful for daily wear, they are favourites among working women.  Pendants with designs like flowers, birds and vines are especially in vogue because of their light yet beautiful patterns.

  • Bracelets:

Bracelets make the perfect accessory for every occasion. Since they come in varying designs and weight, bracelets can be used to accessorise any outfit. You can opt for a traditional bracelet with heavy design or a lighter one with a splash of colour in meenakari work.

Things to check before buying gold ornaments:

Merely checking the designs of the jewellery is not enough when it comes to buying gold. There are certain facts that you should bear in mind before investing in gold jewellery. For instance:

  • Always check the weight of the jewellery you are buying. Since gold is extremely expensive, it is important to get your money worth.
  • Buy jewellery only from a reliable store. Stores with many years of experience are best when it comes to buying gold. They are trustworthy and have the best designs available.

For example, Waman Hari PetheSons is one of the stores that have been in the business for a while now. With twelve showrooms around Maharashtra, they make finely crafted traditional and modern jewellery.

Hence, if you are seeking a reliable jewellery store with endless designs, choose one’s which are popular and have a good client feedback online.