Just ‘Veet’ it…

Why should hair removal be an issue? With the Veet depilatory cream, hair removal problems are a thing of the past.

Often, the simplest solutions to life’s little problems are right there in front of us. The same applies to removing hair from the skin. You might fear the pain of waxing, and shaving only gives you unruly, thick hair. So, the best solution to hair removal is to use a good depilatory cream.

Depilatory creams remove hair by dissolving it at the surface of the skin. Soon, the hair attains a jelly-like consistency and breaks away from the skin. You must then just wipe it off with a flannel and rinse the skin with cool water.

If you are looking for a good depilatory cream, you should look no further than Veet. The Veet cream price is reasonable, and you can always depend on it for quick, painless and mess-free hair removal. Just follow the instructions on the pack and you will have always have hair-free, smooth skin for days.

How to use Veet cream for hair removal

For the Veet cream price, you get a pack containing the bottle of cream, a plastic applicator, and a leaflet containing the set of instructions on how to use the cream. We advise you to go through the instructions carefully before you begin.

* Do a patch test 24 hours before use. Though Veet creams are vigorously tested and do not offer any side effects, it is always better to do a patch test if you have never used the brand before. Sensitive skin types must particularly conduct a patch test to ascertain if the cream is right for use or not. Apply the Veet cream on a small patch of skin and wipe off after three to four minutes, as directed. Wait for 24 hours. If there is no adverse reaction – redness, rash, soreness, itchiness – then the cream is safe to use.

* Wash the skin but don’t scrub. The skin must be cleansed before the cream is applied, but do not scrub it vigorously or use a loofah on it. Wash it with warm water and pat dry. Apply the cream only when the skin is completely dry.

* Apply as directed. Now apply Veet cream in an even layer on the skin. Do not disturb it or flex the muscles after application; let the cream do its job. Within a minute, you can see the texture and composition of the hair changing. It soon becomes wavy and jelly-like. After about three minutes, you can wipe off the cream and hair using a wet flannel. The hair comes away easily.

* Wash clean.Veet creams are fortified with moisturisers and skin softeners, so you don’t need to apply a moisturiser separately after using the cream. Wash the skin with cool water and allow it to rest. You will notice that the skin is soft and hair-free, with the regrowth being downy thin.