Different Ways to Apply Eye Shadow

Makeup plays a crucial role in every woman’s daily routine, and every lady wants to have the best look possible. Lipstick and blusher are relatively simple to apply; however, due to the looks of some ladies, applying eye shadow can be a challenge. Some get the colors all wrong while others don’t blend as required, making the eye shadow come out looking disastrous.

Some ways to apply eye shadow are:

Use eye shadow primer

To hold your shadow in place for long, use a good eye shadow primer. In case you don’t have the primer, use a little dab of foundation. For best results, dab the formula over your eyelids and blend in color. However, you need to apply the color to your lid first and blend working with similar colors out and up to your brow line.

Blending in

For excellent results, mix the eye shadow. For instance, if it has two or more colors, combine the shades in a way that the two different shades cannot be distinguished.

Choose the right color

There are some things to consider when choosing the eye shadow shade to apply. Many makeup artists prefer to match the eye shadow with the color of the eyes, and this has the effect of popping the eyes. However, a contrasting color of eye shadow makes the eyes stand out. Therefore, you can use either method to find the right eye shadow color.

More so, for a smoky eye look, use a good makeup brush immersed in shadow and apply in layers, you’ll notice a difference in the intense color. Also, use colors that compliment your eye color, air and skin tone. Therefore, purchase large palettes with many colors from Mixtrade for they are excellent for experimenting with dramatic colors.

Use of highlighter

Use the highlighter on the brow line only. As long as it isn’t very dull, you can fill eye shadow up to the brow line. But, use only the highlighter on the lighter shade for dark shades in this part will be too dramatic.

Add some brightness

For more brightness, you can incorporate a touch of white. For instance, you can use a white eye pencil to the crease of your eye near the tear duct, and your eyes will glow.

Finish with eyeliner

To finish the look, use some eyeliner to draw on both your top as well as the lower eyelid. However, the top line should stretch from one edge to the other, but for the bottom start in the center of your lid and draw outward.