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Buying fur clothing: A guide for beginners!

Despite the negative products, the sale of real fur products continues to soar. In case you are wondering if you can replace real fur with faux materials, you need to know a few things. Firstly, most of the better brands that sell fur products are focused on sustainable production means, which means you are not causing the harm that you are assuming. Secondly, real fur is warm, cozy, comfortable, and extremely durable, so you wouldn’t need to replace a product for many years. This means you are not only saving money, but also reducing the purchase of synthetic materials and faux fur, which are not eco-friendly. If you check for options, you will find many brands. For instance, in Canada, Wolfie Fur vests and coats are really popular, and the brand has been around for nearly five decades.

For those who are buying fur clothing for the first time, we have a guide below that may come in handy. 

  1. Know your fur. There are all kinds of furs in the market. The most common one is mink, known for its beauty and durability. There are, of course, better options like fox, coyote, beaver, lynx, and each one is known for its specific qualities. Do your homework when it comes to the material, how it has been sourced and made into a fabric. 
  2. Check the brand. The beauty of a fur coat, jacket, or a blanket is dependent on the brand and label too. Make sure that you consider a label that’s known, reliable, and has been in the business for a considerable period of time. You can ask the brand how they source fur. A considerable number of brands are relying on farm-raised animals, which is the sustainable way. 
  3. Beauty and design. Fur clothing comes in all sorts of designs, colors, and finishes, and you have to find a brand that has products to match your personal style. Don’t shy away from trying something like the leopard print, and don’t forget to try fur products in standard solid colors. Style is a matter of personal choice, but fur is always an investment, and therefore, a few timeless colors are worth the keeps. 

Check online now to find more on fur clothing and check for brands that have been selling fur goods for a while and doesn’t compromise on their design and production standards. A tad more for the right coat or vest is never a bad idea.