Boss Behavior Clothing Has Big Plans 2019

Boss Behavior Clothing is an online clothing store based in Atlanta, GA. BBH mission is to inspire/ promote the innovation of entrepreneurship, creativity and self-love through fashion. Boss Behavior Clothing has changed the game through the instagram app by reposting their customers, which brings a positive vibe to their brand. We sat with Boss Behavior […]


Things you must know before buying diamonds

People have a craze of buying diamonds. The craze of buying a diamond has increased in recent years. Diamond is the most attractive and beautiful stone. Women are obsessed with diamond and they desire to possess diamond jewelry. There are some important things to learn about diamonds.  The important things that you should know about […]


Tips for Finding a Style That Works for You

We’ve all had those experiences where we saw a gorgeous outfit in a shop window, entered to try it on, and were shocked to find that it looks completely different on us than it does on the mannequin. For us ladies, this can be disheartening. Thankfully, there are some simple tips and tricks that can […]


Attractive And Personalized Gifts For The Loved Ones

They are the token of love that is meant for the expression of emotions towards the closed ones. It is the means of expressing one’s gratitude and feelings for the loved ones. It can be categorized for different kinds of occasion like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Apology presents, etc. These can also […]


Why a Vintage Engagement Ring Is Good Luck

Vintage engagement rings have a certain romantic appeal that makes them an exceptional choice for brides-to-be. Not only are they unique and often masterfully handcrafted, but they are also believed to bring good luck. Each individual piece of vintage jewelry holds a special time in history when marriage was used to signify a lifetime of […]


Why you should try a corset

While sometimes it may not seem like it, there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel feminine every now and then. Even if it is not what you expect, a corset might just be the garment you need! Here are a few reasons why you should try it: It is one of the most traditional […]


Something About Designer Salwar Kameez

Indian dresses never goes out of fashion. In Indian attire every women looks beautiful and sober. You can count some beautiful Indian dresses like saree blouse, lahanga choli and salwar kameez. Among all, salwar kameez is the most sober and any occasion kind attire. When you plan to buy a salwar kameez, you are given […]


Autumn Shoes and Sneakers for Men

Autumn is just around the corner, and the question comes up: which are the right autumn shoes? Every year comes to the same question. How do you survive the autumn and winter as a sneaker fan? Do you have to do without your beloved sneakers in the winter? No, you do not have to. We […]


Know about the current fashion trends to get your look on point

Fashion trends follow a dynamic process. It is always evolving and changing with time. What may have been fashionable once may become out of date by the next season. People find the urge to keep themselves up to date with the latest fashion trends. So, if you want to be in vogue, Stussy tops are […]


Amazing Statement Earrings in Seattle

A great way to spice up any costume! Earrings are one of the earliest types of body modifications found throughout human history. An earring is represented as the symbol of status and community. It’s common for men and women throughout ancient Asian and Middle Eastern Culture. Wearing an earring in gold, silver or diamond shows […]