Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Stylist

How many times did you stand in front of the closet and thought – I have nothing to wear. The truth is, your closet is full, you have so many clothes that you have absolutely no idea what is hiding in the depths of the drawers.

We’ve all faced the same situation, don’t worry. Not all of us, however, thought about doing something about it. People are stuck in the same routine and do nothing about changing this situation. The solution is very simple, though. It’s called hiring the best Chicago personal stylist.

A lot of people think that this is something that only businessmen and movie stars have in their list of employees but the truth is that everyone can hire one. If you still think that this is not something for you, read on and see why you’re not right.

Adding professionalism in the subject

A stylist is a professional in the clothing matter. They know about colors, materials, what type of clothes are best for the particular weather that day and what season asks for what clothes. While you stand in front of the mirror and can’t decide if the shoes are the same color with your purse, these people take about 2 seconds to see if the colors match or not.

A professional stylist will always dress you perfectly. You’ll never have to wonder if you dressed the wrong way. This will make you feel relaxed and confident in yourself. The image we present to other people is highly important and clothes are the first thing people notice when we enter the room.

Spending less time searching

As we said, all of us are facing stacked closets that we don’t really know what’s inside. It takes time to find the right clothes. At the same time, we feel like we always need something new. On top of this, the satisfaction of shopping makes us spend a lot of time walking through the mall looking for the perfect pieces. Look at this article to see how much time people actually spend on looking for clothes.

Having a stylist will give you a lot of time you can use for something else. You can still enjoy the shopping moment, but it will be under the guidance of a person that will tell you what’s in and what’s out. What fits you well, and what is not suitable for you. You actually get an honest third person opinion and you can be sure you’re not making a mistake.

Saving money

A lot of people think that hiring such a person cost a lot of money and only rich people can afford it. This is not completely true. It’s true that stylists charge for their services, but when you put everything together, you’ll see that you actually save more than you spend.

Buying clothes that you might never wear and spending money on things that are overpriced won’t happen again if you hire this person. They also save you time. You don’t have to walk around and looking for the perfect outfit. Everyone knows that time is money, so doing this simple math, you see that you actually save more than you spend.

Presenting the perfect image

There’s nothing more disastrous to get on an important meeting with special clients dressed like a clown. Image sells and you must be perfect in every sense. Looking good, knowing your job, and talking like a real professional will surely get things done. If you’re missing at least one of these, you’ll struggle.

Also, knowing that you’re always perfect boosts your confidence. You’ll see that people look at you and talk to you with a different tone. You’ll start feeling like you can do and get everything just because you’re dressed differently. See this great post about what clothes say about you:

Keeping up with trends

People have things to do. When you’re spending most of the time at work, you have no time to follow the trends. On the other hand, stylist’s job is to do this and inform you. Before going to work, visit your stylist and see what’s new. Ask for something that is trending at the moment and always be ahead of your colleagues.