Why a Vintage Engagement Ring Is Good Luck

Vintage engagement rings have a certain romantic appeal that makes them an exceptional choice for brides-to-be. Not only are they unique and often masterfully handcrafted, but they are also believed to bring good luck.

Each individual piece of vintage jewelry holds a special time in history when marriage was used to signify a lifetime of love, and divorce was much less common.  As vintage rings are pre-owned and often decades old, they have a distinct look and energy which make them a popular option among modern couples.

Vintage Engagement Rings Bring Good Luck

There are many superstitions and old wife’s tales that surround engagement rings. The belief that a vintage engagement ring brings good luck to the couple who choose it relates to the unique history of the ring.

Vintage engagement rings are thought to carry the luck of a marriage. This means that if your grandmother owned the ring and she was happily married for many years, the joy and happiness that she experienced in her marriage will be passed down to you.

It is not entirely certain if the luck is drawn from the gemstone or the piece, but some gems are believed to be luckier than others, such as aquamarine, emeralds, citrine, and alexandrite.

Where to Find Vintage Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect vintage engagement ring for your loved one is no easy task. Know that while vintage rings are usually older rings that are passed down, they can also be rings that feature an “aged” style but are part of modern jewelry collections.

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