Wholesale Engagement Rings: “Wow” Her and Surprise Yourself!

Getting the best diamond for that someone special is important. Getting that diamond at a great price is smart. Getting both is part of the magic afforded customers who shop for wholesale engagement rings. Although a thorough education of what makes a great diamond can’t be accomplished here, this is a general summary of what constitutes quality in diamonds. The criteria for gauging that quality is referred to as the 4 C’s.


Do you note that hint of faded yellow? Maybe it was a hardly detectable tint? If you did, that isn’t a good thing. Color, in the diamond world, literally refers to the absence of color in the diamond. The more structural purity and integrity diamonds have, the clearer they will appear – akin to a droplet of water.


While it may take some training to understand what to look for, know that the perfect diamond would be considered one with no inclusions (internal imperfections or characteristics) and no blemishes (external marks).


This is where diamond cutters earn their money and when experts really count. With considerations like “scintillation” and “fire” for example, understanding the quality of cut can get complicated. What the engaged couple will understand, however, is how beautiful and brilliant a properly cut diamond will look on their hands.


The carat weight is the one “C” of the four that is rather straightforward, at least in its description. A (metric) carat is measured as 200 milligrams and each carat is divided into 100 points. This allows for more precise measurements, i.e., 1.03 carats. Although carat weight will be a considerable factor in cost, those other C’s also have a major influence. This is why two diamonds of the same weight can have considerable variation in price.

The Wholesale Benefits

Every buyer, regardless of the product, would like to cut out the “middle man” so to speak. The savings from eliminating a retailer or distributor’s markup is the obvious reason for seeking out wholesale engagement rings. Wholesalers are also typically manufacturing or personally importing their diamonds and they have a passion for their art and craft.  They are quick to teach buyers about what to look for and to share their love of diamonds.

With a wholesale engagement ring, you will be able to wow her with a beautiful gift of your promise and you’ll probably surprise yourself with what you’ll learn and how much you’ll save! The artistry, skill, and deep traditions of experienced wholesale designers offer more than savings, they offer you the chance to give the one you love the gift of a lifetime.