Which Bag for what Occasion? 

Armed with pride, the bag remains a matter of taste that must be handled with style. Whether for an evening with friends or going to work, it will not look the same, so to stop spending hours deciding on how to go about it, shop granted apparel will help you make a judicious choice in a handbag.

The Bucket Bag to go to Work

This is the bag that will accompany us all day, the one that everyone will notice, and the one we will put most often. So it must be both elegant and classic. The bucket bag combines all these qualities and the latter is worn on the wrist and also on the arm. Ideal, if you have the arms loaded of files between two appointments.

The Chain Bag to go for a Drink with Friends

He will have to match our shoes, our dress, and our jacket. Furthermore, it’s the go-anywhere bag for quiet evenings with friends. To be stilted but not much, it is chosen with a small gold or silver chain. We opt for soft leather or suede and for an unbiased color. Elegant, this bag will be a hit with your friends!

The School Bag for a Job Interview

This bag is chosen carefully. The idea? Do not put your eyes on it without forgetting the trendy touch! We forget the bags of great brand, and we request for a school bag where to store a tablet or a laptop, and especially a plastic folder in which you will find your resume. Do not forget the first impression is often the good one!

The Bag to go Brunch

Sunday brunch is waiting for you and your bag of course! To go and taste the new pancakes, we play the chic girl, trendy and relaxed at a time. For that, you require a soft trapeze bag or an XXL bag that we will match our sneakers.

The Rigid Bag for a Professional Appointment

This bag must contain everything we need for a meeting. Diary, glasses, pen, tablet, folders … Everything must be tidy and easy to find. It is therefore chosen rigid in a square or trapezoidal shape to reveal the businesswoman who sleeps in us.

The Bag to Attend a Concert

No matter what style of music you like this bag will necessarily be a bag with a long strap to wear on the shoulder or shoulder. A purse bag or a fringed bag is recommended to dance freely and be stylish as at the Coachella festival.

The Bag to go to Sport

If the quilter has made a splash on the fall-winter 2014-2015 podiums, it will also be a hit in your gym. A bowling bag or backpack will accompany you as you escape the stress of a day’s work.

The Bag for a Successful Fashion Week

So here we go! We dare frills, fake animal hair, rhinestones, and color! And this time, we take it all mini because the mini bags are on the rise this year. Additionally, to be stylish, this bag is ideal for fashionistas running catwalk shows.