What’s more to dazzle? Moissanite rings- an extraordinary invention

An incomparable addition to the world of jewelry and gemstones is moissanite. Many of us still are not aware of what enigma this gemstone has in stock. Dated back to 1893, the famous French scientist Henri Moisan discovered tiny silicon carbide crystals, which can quickly get people into visual illusion. It nearly looks like a pure diamond in the naked eye, and you can’t make a difference if you do not have a piece of extensive knowledge about gemstones. He found these from the heart of Arizona, expected to be a part of the meteorite attack on Arizona. These crystals are high in silicone and thus attract the least grease and dirt. So you can undoubtedly wear moissanite rings without the hassle of regular cleaning.

Also, moissanite can be a great choice when a diamond hurts your pocket. Moissanite comes quite affordable and budget-friendly compared to other shiny gemstones on the planet. Thus, if you are eagerly waiting for your special day ahead but still confused about gift ideas, ho blindfolded with moissanite engagement rings. Your partner is sure to fall in love with the brilliance and shine that is unbeatable in the price range.

When it comes to engagement rings, there has always been confusion on the gemstone to settle in the center. Sometimes it has been a solitaire diamond, sometimes a sapphire or a ruby. But now it can be moissanite. Moissanite engagement rings are in great popularity in the market. You can pep your special days up, with the spice of a little dazzle and a lot of glare. Make a difference and create a memory worth remembering for a lifetime. Moreover, it is no more a dream to have moissanite in the ring finger. It comes handy in an affordable range, without hurting your budget much.

A strong competitor on the ground- Moissanite v.s diamond

Moissanite and diamond have an unbeatable dazzle and glittery appearance, so it is nearly impossible to tell the differences between the two. However, specialists can detect the integral characters apart of both diamonds and moissanite. To identify the originality or, instead, whether it is moissanite, particular detectors come into play. Although moissanite has a strong similarity in color, brilliance, luster, and clarity with diamond, moissanite has a distinct faceting pattern. Besides, moissanite also has a double-refraction property, which is not present in a diamond. If you view moissanite from the polished surface, you will be able to gauge the different facets inside which appear in doubles. This feature is one of the most potential features to mark out moissanite rings from diamond ones.

Also, the dispersion or fire production in moissanite is way more than in diamonds. This feature gives a more bright and colorful ray of shine when held in front of bright light. Surprisingly, it is lesser in diamonds. Thus in terms of shine, moissanite can be an excellent deal for diamond lovers.

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A little more about them- contrasting features of moissanite and diamond.

Apart from the features mentioned above, moissanite is a way lot different from diamonds. The price of moissanite comes in fractions of what diamond costs. A 1.0-carat pure diamond costs around $10,000 or even higher. However, when it is a 1.0carat moissanite, you can grab it by paying a maximum of $600. Isn’t this a deal to die for, especially for couples?

Also, it has a much lower density figure than diamond. This depicts that diamonds are more substantial than moissanite. This feature can also contribute towards choosing moissanite rings over diamond rings. Who doesn’t love to wear lighter jewelry with the same clarity and shine?

The level of clarity of both diamond and moissanite are incredible. However, moissanite still has a little higher value in terms of clarity than in diamond. The recent day moissanite is all lab-made. They are very smoothly engineered so as to minimize the visibility of internal flaws. Thus, moissanite rings seem way more flawless than diamonds.

Can you distinguish between moissanite and diamond? 

Having a lower price tag around the neck doesn’t necessarily direct towards a gemstone being moissanite. There are a lot more things beyond just the price. The best way to distinguish moissanite from a diamond is to use a stone detector. There are specific moissanite and diamond detectors available, especially in jewelry stores for this purpose.

These machines basically detect the heat and electricity conductance of these stones that is different for every stone. However, these machines hardly detect the differences between moissanite and diamonds, and this is due to the intricate similarities between the two.

There are endless reasons that can justify why diamonds are still the top-class and demand gemstone for people worldwide. Diamond is women’s best friend known since its inception. However, when it comes to moissanite engagement rings, it can have ample features to support its choice over diamonds. You can never get over the endless collection of some fantastic moissanite rings available in the market.

Though both of these gemstones are incredibly beautiful, however, there are some downsides to both these gemstones. Firstly moissanite is never a diamond. So if you are looking forward to getting an original piece of diamond, you may look for a solitaire diamond and not count on moissanite. Furthermore, moissanite has a little warmer tone and thus comes with faint color tones that might not be in your beloved’s expectation list. However, pure enhanced moissanite rings are absolutely colorless and can be a great alternative.

When you are choosing for your engagement or wedding, talk to your partner before you decide to buy moissanite. Because moissanite is still less known, it might feel less valuable to some people. However, if both of you consent to get a budget-friendly yet classic piece of memory, you can surely find yourself the best of moissanite collections. The ethical considerations and price figures of moissanite have always attracted people all over the world, so buying moissanite is no longer a big deal now.