What to Do If Your State Banned the Fake Urine Products?

Whenever that time of the year comes and your employer asks you to do the mandatory drug test, you need to come up with a plan that will get you a negative result. Being clean is important not just for your job at the moment but for your entire career.

If you get positive results there won’t be another employer that will want to hire you for doing the same job you’re doing right now. You’ll be left with low wage options like gardening, cleaning, or digging holes in the ground.

This is why you need to pay extra attention every time you’re facing the problem of drug testing at work. If your employer said that you’re going to perform the urine test, you have multiple options to get over it. One, of course, is the detoxification option, and the other is the fake urine.

If your state is among those where buying fake urine is illegal, then you need to come up with a different plan. You probably know that you can’t buy this thing in the supermarket or the pharmacy, so you have to do something differently. Check out this link – – if you want to learn more about where and why the fake urine is illegal.

Our advice is to find someone who’s living in another state and ask them to order this for you. Then, take your car or public transport and go to that place to pick it up. Yes, this is going to spend some of your time and money but it’s better to waste some resources now than waste your complete career until the end of your working life.

Another option instead of using fake urine is to try and detoxify your body. For this, you’re going to need a little more time. Think about two weeks where you’ll have to spend a lot of time in hydrating and working out.

This is not going to be easy especially if you’re a person that is not doing regular exercises but it is something that will definitely help you get through the moment. The reason why exercise is important is that with it the muscles burn the body fat and that is the place where drugs are located after the consumption.

With it, the narcotic substances leave the system and your body becomes clean faster. It is important to drink a lot of water during this time. The liver is the organ that is flushing all the toxins from the inside. It works by mixing these ingredients with water so the more water you drink, the more water you’ll produce which will be mixed with the drug particles who’ll slowly leave your system.

How the test is performed?

The urine option, unlike the follicle, for example, is performed in a special room adapted for this need, in the lab or the hospital. The sample taken from every person is then taken into a special lab where a machine makes a list of everything you have inside your body.

When the machine was first made, it needs to be calibrated so that it shows perfect results. This calibration is done by using a fake urine sample that has the ideal amount of all the ingredients a standard human pee has.

That’s why the fake urine products work so well on these machines. They don’t see the difference and there’s no way to make a mistake. They will see the pee as just another normal human by-product that has a perfectly balanced diet and exercise.

Things you need to mind

When using some of these products, you need to mind a few things. It’s really important to give the lab practitioner a sample that looks exactly like a standard pee. One of the things most people mistake is that they forget that the liquid must be warm.

A normal liquid that stays on room temperature is much colder than the product our body extracts. Our body is always around 95 degrees and so is everything else inside us. You can’t give the doctors a sample that is 70 degrees. You need to pre-warm the substance before you hand it over or else they’ll know you’re faking it.

Another thing that people often miss is not being careful enough in hiding the equipment. You can’t just get in and get out immediately with a bottle of liquid. Doctors will know you’re lying. Make sure everything looks normal and you’re doing a standard visit to the toilet.

Some employers have a hard time lying. They don’t know how to keep their cool. They sweat, they mumble, they do all the things that will reveal the lie. It’s important to keep your cool. If you have a hard time doing this, maybe it’s wise to practice a little in front of the mirror. See a little more advises and instructions about how to do the whole procedure on this link.

What to say if police finds your package in the car

These items are being sold as a prank toy very often. A lot of people buy it over the internet and you can find it on Amazon listed under pranks. If a police officer searches your car and finds it, say that you’re preparing a bachelor party or something like that and you want to make a little joke. Most of these urine samples are labeled as pranks so you won’t have a problem with it.


There’s no negotiating with the results of the drug test performed at your workplace. You simply must have a negative result. Do whatever it takes to get one. If you have enough time and you don’t like risking, pay a little attention to exercise. It can be both good for your health and the test.

If you decide to take synthetic urine, make sure you don’t get caught. Follow the instructions written here and you’ll be good to go.