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What Can You Buy at Pawn Shops in New York City?  

Although there are many reasons people visit New York City pawn shops, one of the top ones is that you never know what you’re going to find.

Unlike your typical merchandise stores that carry the same old things month after month, pawn shops offer more adventure. Inventories are constantly changing and many of the items for sale are highly unique.

Pawn shops New York can make for an exciting shopping experience right in your own “backyard”.

Just what can you expect to find? You’ll never know until you go but here are some of the more common items to anticipate.

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Musical Instruments

Do you have a love for music and a desire to better express your musical passion? Purchasing a musical instrument may be the next best step for you in that case.

You can benefit from thinking outside the box a bit if you desire to purchase a musical instrument. Sure, you could head down to your local music store and pay a fortune but you don’t necessarily have to do that.

Many music lovers don’t realize the incredible potential of pawn shops. Most have a good selection of horns, violins, and cellos. You can also expect to find electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Another item you may find is a keyboard.

Although the grand majority of these instruments will be previously used, you can generally expect them to be in excellent condition. You’ll also have a great chance of getting a better deal than if you’d bought your instrument new.


Expect to find a vast array of electronics in pawn shops New York. If you’re into the latest gadgets but don’t want to pay top prices, pawn shops are a great idea.

Just like with musical instruments, you can anticipate the same excellent quality and merchandise. High-end, like-new electronics are especially popular.

Some of the items you’ll find include videogame systems, digital cameras, tablets, smartphones and laptops. Other electronic items regularly sold include music-related merchandise such as amplifiers or stereo systems.

Precious Metals and Jewelry

Are you interested in jewelry or valuable metals? If so, pawn shops New York are well worth the look.

You can find the highest quality and value in jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracelets. Silver, gold, diamonds and other precious stones are commonly sold at pawnshops as well.

Other desirable items include antique or rare coins, bars of precious metal and flatware. If you’re interested in some of the best selections around when it comes to valuables, you’ll find that and more at your local pawn shop.

Gem Pawn Brokers is especially worth visiting. With over 20 locations in New York City and offering only the highest of quality merchandise, you’re sure to find a deal!