What Are Some Classic Groom Looks

Choosing that perfect look for many brides is years in the making and finding that perfect dress is often times the most difficult part of preparing for a wedding. Often times the large task of finding that perfect dress leaves the groom in the dust wondering what is perfect for the wedding. So before you forget and move on to your wedding dinner menus here are some classic looks for the groom to make sure he looks perfect.

The classic Black and white tuxedo

This look is hands down one of the most timeless wedding looks for a groom.  I am not sure there has ever been a bride that has not imagined Patrick Dempsey at the end of the aisle in the classic black and white. A trend that is not as popular as it is amazing as of late. There are so many different options for the tuxedo that it is as customizable at is classic. Wearing a tuxedo not only makes a man look great but makes them feel like James Bond, and what guy does not dream of that.

The Three Piece

The modern three-piece suit is versatile and classic at the same time. Allowing the groom to have a personalized look while still sticking to a dressed-up staple. Choosing the right color allows you to either select a classic black or go with a more modern gray or blue for any type of wedding. The Three-piece suit can be completed by having the vest in the same material as the rest of the suit or taking a more modern look and adding is different material for the vest can take this classic look from standard to a personal statement.

Semiformal Suit

Many grooms would rather stick to what they know and feel comfortable wearing. The classic two-button suit has made its way to this list simply because it takes even the sock and sandal-wearing man to the board room. There is no denying that a good suit cleans up very well and doesn’t make every man the center of attention. This looks leaves a lot of room for personalization with the tie, shirt and shoes all being able to either stand out of blend in to match the wedding pallet.

Dressy Casual

For many men, they have spent time crafting and curating a specialized look that leaving room for creativity it not always a bad idea. Even a dressy casual look elegant if done correctly. The greatest part about this look is that it can stand out and still fit in. With more modern looks a classic suite might be companied by the right casual sneakers and pocket square. A windowpane suit is quickly becoming a classic when done right. This look is sure to stun the crowd, but be memorable.

I think no matter what classic look is decided on for your wedding be sure to plan ahead so that if you have the Bridal photos done before the wedding that can be sure to be included in your personalized guest bookand prints to show off that look that you have chosen.