Waxing eloquent – prepping your skin for hair removal

Waxing is a long-term hair removal solution. But it requires the best waxing products and the right prep to make it easy.

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal all over the world. Women prefer waxing to other methods because it provides a relatively longer term solution to the problem of hair growth on the skin. The hair grows back after about a month, and the regrowth is finer and sparser than before. This makes subsequent waxing quite easy.

But the most desirable results are obtained only when you use the best waxing products. Opt for leading brands in the segment and you can get silky smooth skin that is hair-free for several days after use.

Do take care to prepare your skin for waxing. Since the wax pulls out hair from the roots, it can cause some amount of pain. Prepping the skin adequately ensures that there is less pain during waxing.

Prep your skin for waxing with this easy guide:

  • You will need the best waxing products – cold wax strips or hot wax from a leading brand, calming sponge or flannel (preferably left in the refrigerator for an hour before use, numbing cream and tweezers to remove any stray hair. The box of waxing product like cold wax strips includes skin wipes to remove any excess wax stuck to the skin post-wax.
  • Also arm yourself with an exfoliating scrub, moisturising cream, ice pack and a painkiller.
  • The night before you wax your skin, you should exfoliate the skin using a mild scrub or exfoliating pad. This removes dead skin cells from the skin and makes the hair softer and easier to remove.
  • Pop a painkiller one hour before waxing. This will blunt the pain you may experience during waxing. Wash the skin and pat dry. A few minutes before waxing, apply an ice pack on the skin to numb it. You can also apply a non-sticky numbing cream. Numbing the skin reduces the intensity of the pain. Do not apply any moisturiser at this stage.
  • Apply the waxing product on your skin as directed. Now pat a strip over the product (if using hot wax) or the cold wax strip firmly on the skin, and pull away swiftly against the direction of hair growth.
  • Once you have waxed the skin completely, you can clean any excess wax using the wipes provided with the waxing product. Rinse with cold water and apply moisturiser if you feel that waxing has made the skin dry and red. The tingling sensation dissipates after a while.

Do consult your dermatologist if the rash or soreness do not go away in 24 hours. You should buy wax for sensitive skin if you feel that your skin is too delicate for the rigours of waxing.