Unleashing the dark side of yourself

Gothic makeup is generally associated with dark colors, pale skin and looks that are too bold and harsh by modern standards. But for people who love to have a different and attractive look, it is just an extension to their personalities. If you think you can carry off the gothic look, unleash your inner goth girl.

Gothic style defines two different extremes one that lends you to a more romantic appeal. The other gives a dark appeal. Initially, gothic makeup was reserved solely for Halloween. Gothic fashion is styled with dark, mysterious features. It is mostly worn by people of Goth subculture. To get a perfect gothic look to start with the style.

Consider using the gothic styles listed

  • Vampire Goth: This look is inspired by supernatural creatures and focuses on extremely dark shades.
  • Romantic Goth: If a person to appear sensual, romantic goth is the style that should be picked. It incorporates more of red color into their look.
  • Edgy: It has a metal feel to it and is inspired by the metal musical era.

Once the style is selected, consider your makeup options. Makeup includes various products to highlight your facial features. Select the color of makeup that compliments your skin tone. Depending on the style one can go for a heavy dark liner or a softer romantic one.

The best part of gothic makeup is eyes. You can use a liquid liner with deep shades or separate lashes with red mascara. One can draw cat eye lines on the outer surface of the eyes and play along with those dark and mysterious colors to get edgy eyes.

One can also use bold shades of lip color that can enhance your dark features. Mostly dark blood red color or a black lipstick is used to get that bold texture. Accordingly, the color of nails is selected that are complementary to your look. Unleash the temptress by making an inspiring and creative gothic style statement.