Top Reasons Why Glasses Are Better Than Contacts

Today most people choose contact lens over glasses which have always been considered nerdy. People think that glasses make them look boring and unsightly. However, of late, many people are reverting back to wearing glasses. While the fashion quotient of the latest frames cannot be ignored; many health benefits of wearing glasses are also coming into fore. Let’s talk about a few of those benefits –

  • The very first benefit of wearing glasses is that it makes you more approachable. The psychology behind it is quite simple. Others tend to perceive people wearing glasses as more intelligent and successful. Despite it, the glasses add a human touch to you by stating that despite success; you are not perfect. Thus, people are better able to connect to you and approach you more.
  • Healthwise, wearing glasses is far less risky than wearing contact lens. Contact lens is placed over the cornea of the eyes due to which the oxygen supply to the cornea gets diminished. In case, you have over-worn the lens or accidentally slept while wearing it; you are likely to develop issues like red eyes, sore eyes, inflammation, temporary blurred vision and, even eye infection. In severe cases, it even leads to vision loss.
  • Contact lens entails, planning, scheduling, and baggage. You need to carry a lens case, eye drops, solutions, and various other stuff. You need to take out your lens at periodic intervals and rewet them. It is a big chore, especially for men. However, glasses prove a breeze here. For instance, with computer glasses for men; all they need is a sturdy case with a cleaning rag inside.

Glasses are highly affordable as well, are cheaper to maintain, and they definitely help you give a signature look. There are numerous other benefits of wearing contact lens over glasses. Even the doctors recommend it. For everyday wear, nothing works best than glasses.