Top 7 trends flower girl dresses

Flower girls set the tone for every wedding event. Their charm, elegance, and poise are what most people remember long after the occasion. For decades, wedding organizers have favored mini gowns for flower girls. However, you can break the monotony by purchasing any of these cute little girl clothes;

Colorful sashes
Colorful sashes are ideal dress options for the little girls for the occasion. The sash adds a stunning pop of color to the otherwise white flower girl dress. Harmonize this look by matching the sash with the bridesmaid outfits.

Floral print dress
How to style flora prints? that is a general question among women. Floral prints not only make a resounding fashion statement on the wedding but also are also elegant. Also, they are versatile in style as you can choose from a wide array of prints. You can harmonize the print with the girls’ hair clips.

Bend the rules a bit on your wedding day by going for a custom pastel dress for your flower girls. Pastels are emerging as a popular trend in this space. For long, white has been viewed as the ideal floral girls color. However, these dresses are equally elegant and afford you more style options. You can complement the dress with a matching hair flower clip.

Bow Back
If you like pastel, you will love the bow back. Select a color that blends in with the wedding color theme. You can spruce up this style by getting the flower girls some solid color gloves to harmonize the look.

When done right, sleeves can be stunning. For starters, go for a well-fitting dress so that the sleeves look perfectly in place. You can introduce a hair flower clip for the ideal look.

Ivory Elegance
Ivory dresses feature a shade of white with a hint of peach, cream or yellow. Ivory is not only elegant but also looks great on any skin tone. You can choose from a variety of materials and patterns to match your style.

Tiered skirts
Tiered skirts have been around for a while and have been varied frequently to match predominant fashion trends. However, they haven’t lost their elegant touch and are still popular in many events. Tiered skirts afford your flower girls that stunning princess look. It is every little girl’s dream to be clad like a princess at some point, making this an ideal choice for the girls during the wedding.

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