The Ultimate Guide on Different Cuts and Types of Denim

For every man, a pair of quality jeans is a must-have wardrobe item. Jeans are timeless, evergreen classic clothing that will keep dominating forever. They can be worn in casual occasions as well as semi-formal gatherings, depends on how carefully you choose the color, cut and matching shirt. In this article we are going to explain, how to style with denim and how you can avoid wearing a wrong type of denim.

3 Trending Jeans Cut for Men

Though denims are incredibly easy to buy as you can find them everywhere, it’s not always easy to find the perfect pair. The overwhelmed number of variations of denims can actually make if harder to pick the suitable one. It is important for the newcomers of the denim empire to understand how different fit and cut can influence their overall look. Riding the latest denim trend might not be a good idea for everyone. You need to consider your body type and physic.

However, there are few denim cuts that you can try with different wash and colored jeans. In this first section of this guide we will cover them.

  1. Slim Jeans

Slim leg jeans are versatile, and they are quite popular for their comfortable stylish fit. This cut flatters hefty thighs. The waistband fit of slim leg jeans are very comfortable. When you buy slim leg jeans, make sure to check the fabric. The fabric must me stretchable. Otherwise it would be very uncomfortable to wear for long term.

  1. Straight Jeans

Straight leg jeans are evergreen traditional cut denims which is still fashionable in 2018. Straight jeans are popular denim cut around the globe, and especially popular in America. This cut usually straight from the hip to down with slightly tampered around the ankle. Straight jeans are not well fitted among slim men, however, its perfectly fine were in a casual setting regardless of your body measurement.

c.       Tapered Jeans

You can easily anticipate what tapered jeans do by its name. Tapered jeans are in between slim jeans and straight cut jeans. It’s neither slim not straight. This cut is comparatively a new type of cut in denim world. Tapered jeans match with slim fit shirts and polos. You can tuck in your shirt to get a semi-formal yet superbly sophisticated look. Alternatively, you can also wearthis cut of jeans with any casual outfit.

3 Trending Types of Jeans

We have covered the first section of this guide where we discussed different denim cuts. However, this is not the only issue you should consider. There are different types of denim fabrics available, from acid wash to waxed, every year the number of styles of denim is just increasing. Popular men fashion brands are constantly experimenting with denim fabric washes.

In this section, we will discuss about 3 trending type of denim fabric that are raving throughout the year.

1.      Stonewashed Jeans

Stonewashed jeans are an essential item in the wardrobe for almost every modern man. This is the most common and classic type of jeans. If you close your eyes and think about jeans, I’m quite sure stonewashed jeans will pop up in your mind. Stonewashed jeans are washed in drum that rotates. In modern days, it’s also common to get sto0newasged look with the help of chemical.

2.      Acid Wash

Acid wash denims are bold, eye catching with a classic 90’s punk vibe. Acid wash jeans have dappled points here and there that can be achieved with chlorine pumice. The part of the fabric where acid reacts becomes white. The contrast hue of acid wash jeans can be great choice for late spring and summer.

3.      Selvedge Jeans

Though, by its name this type of denim may sound like a new comer, actually selvedge jeans are raw denim. This is authentic for of the fabric. The exclusive edge of the hem in this type of the jeans makes it stand out from other and gives a strong raw look. Selvedge denims are still being produced like the way they were in 18th century. The quality of this high caliber denim is certainly better than the conventional stonewashed jeans.

Final Words


Thanks for your patience for making it to the end of the article. Denims are not limited to just these colors, cut and fabric. However, they are the most popular among all age group for their versatile appeal. I hope this article will help you to decide what wash or cut you should consider when you go for buying your next pair of jeans.