The style is a way to show who you are without having to speak:

There is no doubt that what a person wears, defines his/her personality. Even when it comes to dressing for visiting the house of God, one needs to be at peace with oneself. And clothes play an important rule when it comes to generating positivity. The #Not ashamed movement promotes personal development, and one of the important elements in Depression Therapy is personal Grooming.

Why should hats be a part of your church-going wardrobe:

Traditional hats were first worn by the ancient Egyptians, as beautifully represented in their murals and paintings. Coming to Christianity, White Church Hats are worn during festivals like Easter even though its winter. A chapel veil is a common addition to these hats in woman attire. There is even a reference to the requirement of women wearing hats during worship in the 1st Corinthians 11:15 verse. Hats are considered a symbol of respect and reverence to the service of God. Hats have a very deep connection with the black society of America. They were worn extensively during the times of serfdom.

How do you choose the right hat:

Hats also are known as crowns in the modern world are made in a myriad of designs today making use of every conceivable material in fabric logy. Trendy white church hats are available in Fedora, Beret, Small, Floppy and Derby styles, to name a few. Some basic guidelines to remember while choosing your style will make your hats a healthy accessory to your dress. Firstly, the hats width should not extend your shoulders. Secondly, the hat worn should be lighter than your footwear. Feathers if included should not be bent or broken. Lastly, there are day wear and night wear hats. Typical church hats are nowadays popularly available in organza and other synthetic fabrics