The Perfect Tattoo and the Perfect Choices

Tattoos pose a number of health risks. They should only be removed by means of medically recognized procedures and by trained personnel in appropriate facilities. Gold standard is laser therapy, but success is not guaranteed.

  • Tattoo on the right upper arm of a patient before therapy 
  • Tattoo on the right upper arm of a patient before therapy (results after laser therapy

The term “tattoo” is derived from the Tahitian “ta-tau” (“beat”) and refers to the patterning of the skin by the introduction of color pigments. This word appeared for the first time in “Captain Cook’s Journal” in July 1769 and since then has been adopted more or less unchanged in the European vocabulary.

In the last three decades, the popularity of tattoos has increased enormously; they are now also popular in the middle of society. According to 2015 statistics (The Harris Poll), about 3 out of 10 US citizens (29%) are tattooed, compared to just 4% four years earlier (21%).

On behalf of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, in July 2018, 1 009 Germans aged 14 and over were contacted by phone about tattoos. According to this, 12% of the German population stated that they had already stung a tattoo. Forty percent of respondents rated the health risk of tattooing as high or very high, while 49% saw a low or very low health risk (Assessment of the health risk from tattoos). For the tattoo studio this is the best deal and there comes the requirement for the perfect option. The details these are the choices and chances that you can always go for and that is the reason you can find the perfect details now. The deals are perfect here and that is the reason the results are the bests.

Classification of tattoos

Tattoos can generally be divided into 5 different groups:

Professional tattoos are applied by a tattoo artist using a tattoo machine that allows for evenly deep dermal injections. The tattoo inks typically consist of organic or inorganic pigment particles, which are often mixed to generate a broad color spectrum. Over time, the tattoo inks may fade, as the pigments may fade or migrate to regional lymph nodes.

Amateur tattoos are usually stung themselves and without a professional device. In this way, less color particles are introduced into the skin than the professional tattoo, which usually allows easier removal by means of laser therapy. These tattoos often appear washed out, and a formerly black color appears in blue-gray shades.

Traumatic tattoos are foreign body deposits such as metal, glass, dirt and carbon particles in the skin after mechanical penetration. They often result from explosions or asphalt injuries and, if they are located very deep in the skin or present to powder blasts, can be difficult to remove.