The one name that rules Fashion Industry

Paul Marciano is the name that rules the world of designers. The Moroccan born fashion designer is the main pillar behind the making fashion advertisements that has captured the attention of the public. This marvellous personality was both in an affluent Jew family. Though this famous personality couldn’t complete his education due to a major accident, his physical limitations never stopped him from achieving what he wanted. His life changed after he thought of joining MGA that is a proprietorship that is owned by his family. The business was based on the clothing line and featured the shops that were positioned along the famous and well know French Riviera. The designer thought of spending his years there only as he fell in love with the pleasant essence of the region.

What about the formation of Guess?

Paul along with his family moved to the United States. In the Paul Marciano biography, it is clearly mentioned that due to some major political issues that occurred in the year 1981. Finally “Guess” got established by the Marciano family and came up with an extraordinary fashion statement. During the year of 1970, the clothing line of jeans and denim got outdated, but Marciano had again geared up the vision of jeans and made people aware of the fact that jean is a symbol of personality and attitude.

Paul’s signature styles that made people get attracted

Paul Marciano was the CEO and also the Co-Chairman of the black and white advertisements that were very provocative and made his magazines get read by all fashion lovers. Launching of “Guess” can be really considered an instant stardom. The brand soon began to extend its range of clothing and another kind of accessories. The brand also began to expand into the line of clothing that comprises the demands of women, children, and men as well. The brands were known for its standard production quality. Paul Marciano always had a keen eye for tremendous fashion that makes him go for some choosy and classy combinations that are considered as the real front liners considering the international fashion standards. He has been a role model for young fashion aspirants and his continuous struggle that has inspired the young designers who would like to establish themselves in the world of fashion. He has worked quite hard to make the company’s profit grow from 6 million to 6 hundred millions by the year 1996.