The New Nail Polishes You Car Try

Newcomers to the world of nail polish, magnetic varnishes allow you to create original patterns using a magnet, thanks to the specific particles they contain.

Are you wondering? We tell you everything you need to know about these new generation varnishes and how to apply them.

How it works?

Magnetic varnish is a varnish loaded with particles which, once they are attracted by a magnet, form original patterns in the form of streaks, diamonds, butterflies or stars, for example. It is very easy to use and very popular with beginners in nail art.

How to apply it?

This type of varnish is applied to the nail in a thick layer and, before it dries, we bring the magnet sold with the varnish close to the nail but without touching it, then we wait about ten seconds so that the pattern appears.

If you have slightly curved nails, you may need to turn the magnet around their entire surface to bring out the entire pattern.

Warning: if you use a magnet other than the magnet sold with your nail polish, you will just get a color change on your nails.

Once the varnish has dried, the design is a little less noticeable than just after installation, but it is still present.

Regarding the hold, the magnetic varnish is a little more durable than a classic varnish, nothing more. As for conservation, it is the same.

Are there any drawbacks?

For now, the range of colors offered is not very extensive and is limited to dark shades (gray, blue, purple, taupe or khaki) and slightly iridescent. This is due to the presence of particles which would be too visible under a lighter shade.

The other downside is that it is a rather thick varnish, which may displease anyone who likes to apply their varnish in thin layers. Visit to understand the process.

Where to buy magnetic varnish?

Magnetic varnish is found on most cosmetic sites for example. Some large brands also market their own magnetic varnishes (under the Debby brand).

Otherwise, you can find some in the markets, but they may be of lower quality.

At first, we were skeptical, we might as well admit it. It is because by handling the spray paint, we could well imagine the result of a spray nail varnish on the fingers. But the new fashion sprinkle seems to be on course to revolutionize manicure, in a hurry like steps gifted.

What is spray nail polish?

Have you ever cursed in front of your bottle, trembling hand on the brush? Ruined thirty minutes of laborious pose by bumping against the sofa? We understand you, know it, succeeding without a diploma can sometimes be the challenge of the century.Good news, the spray varnish is for us. Contained in an aerosol can, a pressure on the sprayer is enough to diffuse the nail polish. The promise is simple, to simplify the pose to the extreme, for a manicure curled in a few minutes, without any talent and even less skill.