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The Most Important Hairdressing and Styling Tips for Men and Women

The most popular question when it comes to hair is what type of men’s haircut you should get. Most readers and visitors of this particular article had once in their lifetime asked the same question, and probably they found it by searching the answer online.

You can find numerous websites that will provide you with this particular information, but they do not say what you should avoid and take off from your account.

The main idea of this particular article is to provide you hairdressing and beauty styling tips for both men and women so that you can understand what you want the next time you visit your hairdresser:

Everything Depends On Your Face Shape

The essential factor when it comes to choosing the appropriate haircut and style for yourself is based on your face shape.

Therefore, it is vital to determine what is your face shape, because different hairstyles will match and suit only specific face shapes, and the main idea of hairstyling is to look as beautiful as you can be.

The question is how to do it.

How to Determine the Face Shape?


The easiest way to determine the shape or your face is by taking an accurate measure. You are probably wondering how silly that will be, but it is the most precise way, so you have to follow the guidelines we will show you here.

You will need a tape measure so that you can measure the width of your forehead, jaw, and length from one cheekbone to another. It is crucial to measure also the distance of your face from the point where your hairline starts to chin.

We recommend you to click here, if you want to learn how to measure your face shape.

    • Round Face – In case that your width average is the same as the length of your face
    • Oval Face – In case that length is 1.5 times longer than width average
    • Oblong Face – In case that length is more than 1.5 times longer than width average
    • Square Face – In case that width average is same as the length of your face, but your jaw is the widest part

  • Diamond Face – In case that your cheeks are widest, you have the diamond face shape
  • Triangle – If you have a jaw that is significantly wider than forehead and pointy chin.

Oval Face Haircut

If you have this particular type of face shape, you can rest assured, because you are a lucky person. You will be able to handle almost any hairstyle without any additional problem. However, we recommend you to avoid long fringes, because that will make your face look rounder than it is.

It is vital to push it back and to choose a haircut based on the facial features you wish to enhance. For instance, if you make it look sharper, you will appear more masculine than before.

Round Face

If you feature round face, you should choose a hairstyle that will have sharp volume and angles. We recommend you to make the sides shorter, while top should be longer so that you can make your face longer than it is.

By adding side part, you will make your face even longer, but you should avoid haircuts with buzz cuts and full fringes because you will appear rounder than you already are.

Oblong Face

Even though this particular face shape will suit most of the hairstyles, you should avoid tight on the sides and short ones, because it will make your head and face look much longer than it is. You should try the haircut that features layers on the top and longer sides.

Square Face

This is the ideal face shape for men because it will provide you the possibility to enjoy in numerous hairstyles, even angular and sharp ones, which will improve your masculinity. Have in mind that it is perfect face shape for modern haircuts such as buzz cuts.

Diamond Face

This particular face shape looks the best if you have long hair on the top and short on the sides. You can choose a wide array of modern haircuts such as fades or the undercut because it will increase your appeal and handsomeness.