Technique and Tips of wearing Cardigan

To be honest, cardigans are made famous by none other than the grandpas. Their habit is to sit by the fire wearing a cardigan and complaining of everything in the world. But this is one item, which has broken the barrier from the old world and again showing up in the new world, and this didn’t happen once or twice, it happened so many times.

So, how do you wear cardigans?

With a cardigan, you can cover a range of styles, and you can wear them loosely, without any buttons or zips that would leave an open, clean design, or you can button up to make a slim finish. But still, it gets difficult to find out what you wear with a cardigan. Too brash things will make you look like you are trying too hard, and too simple will make you look like too dull. But that is again the plus point of cardigan that it has too many styles, so picking one narrowing the gap between style and simplicity can make the look perfect for you.


From transition from the spring to the summer, longline is the perfect ones. It gives you a casual and relaxed look. It will make you look slim in skinny jeans. It is generally lightweight with great designs.

Shawl Collar

If you are thinking of changing your denim jacket or a bomber with something, shawl collar is the best. It is made is warmer and chunkier design. The thickness is perfect for casual wear and can be perfect to wear with plain tees or raw denim.


You have to cautious using a button up cardigan. If you style the button up, then you are going back to the grandpa territory. But if you can wear it right, you are going to be a stylish person. You just need to follow some protections to make that happen. So, make the buttons small and keep them modest. People love to match their button-up, like a suit of three-piece, and if you can make it, and the fabrics of light color, your casual looks will look very attractive.

Chunky Knit

This is casual wear that you can use to play with the colors and also the geometric patterns. It has a stylish look that can take the center of the stage. If you get cardigan collections, then buy merino or cashmere. If your budget is tight, you can buy one with the wool mix.