Steam Flat Iron Damage Hair: Myth and Reality

The steam flat irons use steam and heat to style and straighten the hair. Though seems to be at a high temperature, the steam they use helps hair get enough moisture which makes them perfectly smooth and straightened.

However, excessive use to change the nature of your hair on regular basis will certainly cause damage. Though there are many advantages some myths about the hair straightener are caused due to lack of awareness or wrong ways of use. Here are some myths and their realities regarding steam iron:

Steam Flat Iron Dries the Hair

Unlike general hair straightener, steam hair never dries the hair poorly unless it is used excessively. Instead, it uses steam to moisten the hair even on high temperatures hence, making them smooth and shiny. Also, it protects the hair cuticles.

It Pulls Off the Natural Oil of Hair

No, the steam iron provides deep moisturisation to the hair that helps to keep hair soft and smooth. It doesn’t rip off the essential oil unless you use it too often, so the hair becomes smooth and soft as well.

Hair Becomes Frizzy

In fact steam hair iron makes the hair become frizz free and help manage easily. It avoids any snapping or breakage of hair. So, the result is the gorgeous looking hair.

So, the key idea of using the appropriate steam flat iron is to style your hair and keep them damage free and beautiful. Also, buy the right iron after reading Steam Flat Iron Reviews. Take proper precautions, and avoid excessive use of steam to look stylish with naturally shiny hair.

You can get many types of steam flat irons for your budget, and hair type. Just read the specifications, and pick one for you from the best brands available in the market.