Simple tips to keep your diamond jhumkas last for long

Diamonds are the true friends of a woman or girl. In a true sense, they teach us how to bright and become valuable among others. Present as the natural and hardest substance, diamond definitely needs proper care. Apart from just keeping them stored well, you just have to follow some tips also to keep your jhumkas keep shining.

Tip No. 1 

Never wear your jewelry whenever you are doing dusting or cleaning. This is so because; the stubborn particles get attached to the stone.

Tip No. 2 

Diamonds are very much prone to discoloration if you apply the cream on your skin. Though, the effect is not permanent and can be corrected.

Tip No. 3 

Do you want to lose the stone from your diamond jhumkas? So, do not use unnecessary oil and grime. Always check the mounting or setting of diamonds when you wear them. If in case you feel that there is an issue with it that takes them to your jeweler.

Tip No. 4 

If you are thinking about cleaning at home, then do not be harsh on your jhumkas. An ideal way to clean them is to soak in soap and water solution overnight. Next day, just rinse them off and clean while using a soft cloth and brush off the dirt.

Tip No. 5 

Last but not the least, always stores your jewelry by wrapping in soft tissues. The reason behind this is that soft tissue has the ability to soak up the moisture. Moreover, it avoids the condition of discoloration too.

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