Second Wedding Dresses – Some Do’s and Don’ts for you!

Earlier back in the 1800s and even before that Brides were not familiar with the fashion of wearing white for the wedding. They used to wear any colour dress that they liked or that appeared good to them. It was Queen Victoria and her royal wedding in white that has set the trend for every bride to wear a white colour dress for their wedding day. And with the ongoing fashion trend and themes, there is no such rule that the second time or even third time brides don’t stand a chance to wear a white wedding dress for their big day. More than purity like people stated in history, wedding dresses define beauty and joy.

Moreover, why shopping and styling should be any different for second wedding dresses especially when you can buy them at the best prices after you apply amazing promotional codes. Even though times have changed, and people are not struck with all things old whether it is fashion or mentality, brides still have this dilemma of how to choose their second wedding dress. To help every bride with their underlying struggle to find Simple Second Wedding Dresses, we thought it was much of a help if we could provide you with the basic Do’s and Don’ts to follow. Here are a few that will help you fall in love with your mind, acing your wedding for the best times.

Do’s: –

Even if you wore a ball dress for your first wedding and you love them, you should keep your present body type in mind. For any outfit to stick to yourself ideally, you need to assess your body type.

    Know your groom’s wishes too, it may be your second wedding, but his can be first. So, just because you have had a wedding earlier, you have no right to not match outfits with your groom on your wedding day/night.

    Do match your wedding dress with the theme of the venue and time of the occasion. For example, if your wedding is supposed to take place in the evening, then you should go with a floor length wedding dress and not a short one. The theme of your wedding should accentuate your wardrobe.

Just like body type, a bride should consider her age as well. If your younger self could flaunt the body-hugging wedding dress, then your mature-self can choose other sexier options that define style with maturity too well.

Buy the bridal magazine and visit as many shops as you can to find that right outfit. After all, it is your wedding day, no matter first or second. Even the Simplest of wedding dresses require trials, patience and time.

Do learn from the wedding dress mistakes from your first wedding, as that is going to make your second-time selection smoother and better.

Do look for dresses that have hints of glamour in it; simple never said that it doesn’t include glamourous. A wedding dress can be both elegant as well as glamorous.

Don’ts: –

Don’t go for a veil, especially when both the groom and bride are having a second-time wedding. Instead go for a head accessory like some fancy hat or clip or tiara maybe.

Don’t keep any last-minute duty on when it comes to Wedding dresses; this is what most of the brides learn from their first wedding. Any last-minute surprise to style your simple wedding dress can go over the top.

Don’t hesitate on going with colours, a second-time wedding calls for change depending upon your state of mind. If you want to add hints of colour, then add it.

Don’t overdo the wedding dresses for the sake of traditions; you already have had enough. It is time to bring in joy through your simple wedding dress and enjoy the moment by feeling different and beautiful.

Don’t compare your second wedding dress with the first ones as there is no point in choosing the same thing again when you are beginning a new chapter of your life.

Don’t let anyone else decide your wedding dress; people can guide and help but not just decide what you should be wearing for your special day.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that there are no such attire rules for any second-time bride to follow, yet these are just a few tips that brides should keep in mind.