Practical  and Gentle Ways Of Decoration

Decoration with wallpaper

The print is a way to make the decoration more stylish and different, and has never been so high! From carpet to ceiling, the decor with this pattern gains a minimalist touch through geometric shapes in neutral or vibrant tones.

The world of fashion that always takes beauty, movement and depth to pieces. So is the decoration with wallpaper. DressLily

Wallpaper decoration

The military, on the other hand, would have gone to look for the subject in Ancient Greece, incorporating it to coats and

The proposal renews the home or the workplace and provides a light atmosphere. You can put the design on the walls, cushions, rugs, paintings, curtains, tables, shelves, lampshades, poufs and more.

A practical way of repaginating without mess, but in a gentle way and compatible with several décor styles. Even the children’s room looks amazing with a Chevron wallpaper decor.

More application tips and ideas to use in decorating

The installation is easy, it even gives to call the family and make that binge in a few hours.

Just be sure to check your space before you buy the paper so you do not run the risk of incomplete or faulty coverage. It is always good to get a little more, so that everything is well-filled. Remember the finishes.

And if, by chance, a little left, you can take advantage of the Chevron adhesive paper to decorate doors, appliances or drawers, for example.

The tip to paste Chevron wallpaper in the home office, bedroom or living room is to bet on simple elements that will be functional in your routine. The gray color, for example, provides more smoothness and delicacy without leaving aside modernity.

So to complete the decor, simply place colored niches, shelves or black frames to contrast.

The ultramodern idea of ​​this black coat is also a key piece of decoration that looks for a harmonious effect, be it on the wall of the sofa, at the head of the bed or the entrance hall of the residence.

The result of a Chevron wallpaper decoration is a lot of personality, sophistication and contemporaneity – and is even more impressive if you add objects in glass, acrylic, stainless steel and vintage wood.

If your way is more stripped down and daring, the yellow and white Chevron wallpaper is the right choice.

Another secret to balance the environment is to use a few items in the rooms, and all of them must have a specific function. With just a few punctual changes, it is possible to enjoy style and have a clean and pleasant space, but with attitude.

Wallpaper in the room

Small environments gain a sense of spaciousness with the decoration with wallpaper and become more productive, organized and beautiful.

As for larger spaces, they can also be valued with this trend, gaining prominence without exaggeration.

The print is both strong and striking, light and delicate. It attracts looks anyway, in any color. No wonder it’s so successful!