How to Choose the Best handbags

Always having the same handbag for all occasions is a bit sad. A single handbag may not fit all outfits. So we choose several that we wear according to the outfits and we have fun with the shapes and colors for a perfect look.

A handbag for casual wear

Are you going for a walk or just shopping in town? You need a suitable handbag that goes perfectly with a casual outfit. Choose a shoulder bag or a tote bag with a fancy pattern. There is a wide variation that can satisfy you. Quirky, sober or feminine, the casual jelly handbags are available in all colors to perfectly complement your outfits. Remember to choose it according to your morphology so that it does not crush your figure.

The handbag with a city outfit

You wear a pencil skirt and a sleeve shirt ¾ which bends your waist. With a notched collar jacket, opt for a bucket handbag that allows you not to be too strict and to have all your things quickly on hand. You can choose crocodile-style leather or a bag decorated with a few silver metal studs for a more original touch. We give you some tips and tricks to find cheap handbags.

The sophisticated fashion handbag

You are invited to an evening or for a cocktail, remember to choose the right handbag for the occasion. We particularly like the timeless clutch which is a staple of our wardrobe. In a discreet version or with some rhinestones, we love its simple shape and the refinement it brings to the outfit. You can also fall for a nicely crafted minaudière or a minimalist envelope bag.

The handbag and the swimsuit

And in a swimsuit or beach outfit? Which handbag should you choose? We do it in simplicity with a rectangular canvas bag and two large handles. Above all, the handbag for the beach must be practical, because we must be able to slip all our things in it. But we do not forget the aesthetic aspect and that is why we can also opt for a braided shopping bag in different colors. Leather materials are avoided which may suffer from sand and salty air. You can also opt for a shoulder bag which is very practical to have your hands free to be able to eat an ice cream.

The all-purpose handbag for all outfits

If we had to choose a handbag that we should all have in our wardrobes, it is of course the black bag. Whatever the shape, the black bag is a must, because it can be combined with all colors and all outfits. So build a small troubleshooting base containing a few small black handbags of different shapes and styles. So, when you are really indecisive and you do not have time to procrastinate, dig into your troubleshooting base to be sure not to make any mistakes in the choice of your handbag, ally yet essential to finish with care an outfit.