“Hers & Hers” Ring Sets

We support his and his also, but that is fodder for a different article. Today it is all about our girls. Unisex rings are nothing new, but lesbian couples who are looking for the perfect engagement, commitment or wedding rings now have a spectacular array of options. It’s all about style and creativity which have become more individual and expansive. Yay! Time is always tight when planning an engagement, ceremony, and celebration so this will get your creative thoughts flowing for the ring portion of the long list of to-dos.

Lesbian engagement rings are basically the same as commitment and wedding rings. It depends on each couple’s preference on how they want to title their union. So both women might want to wear engagement rings and wedding bands while others want to wear one or the other. It makes sense that some couples like to celebrate their milestones traditionally, while others love to push the envelope and break through old conventions. Tomato – tomato. It’s all good.

Take a look at some of the stunning same-sex ring sets that are trending in 2019.

The particular style used in the left-hand and center photos was handcrafted with the “mokume-gane” technique – an ancient Japanese metalsmithing process used for making exquisite swords. It’s an interesting process that produces one-of-a-kind patterns for the outer layer of the bands. The technique includes a two or three different precious metals that are heat laminated and forged by the experienced jeweler until wood like patterns emerge. It takes a mokume-gane artisan to execute this process, so make sure your selected jeweler is very experienced.

Lisa Krikawa, founder of Krikawa Jewelry Designs suggests, “If you’re comfortable with non-traditional rings, take a look at some of the alternative styles and enjoy the freedom of making your own marriage custom. As a jeweler that specializes in handcrafting one ring at-a-time, I love to work with couples who want to personalize their rings with meaningful symbols, gemstones or whatever they like. Believe it or not, custom rings can generally be accomplished within budget.”

The infinity symbol is being used more frequently, as are precious gemstones. The middle photo is a beautiful example of a white gold mokume-gane wedding set. Notice the rings are similar, but not identical – and both stunning with inset accent diamonds and an unusual setting and bezel. Overall, the mokume-gane style is a favorite as it is wearable art.

Select a Jeweler that Specializes in Custom Rings

This is going to be one of the most important purchases of your lives, so make choices based on longevity and, of course, mutual taste in rings. Large jewelry chains are great for off-the-shelf engagement rings and wedding bands, but custom rings are best left to jewelry artisans who can provide consultations and digital mock-ups of the design. You’ll be able to make alterations before the rings are handcrafted and produced. By the time they get started, you’ll have the confidence that the results will match your dreams.