Handbags Do Matter

Fashion gurus always draw our attention to details, not only to the main parts of the outfits we prefer. That’s why choosing great accessories can become very important when you need to improve your style. This time we asked the experts of Cattifly to comment on the latest trends regarding stylish handbags considered must-haves of 2018.

To begin with, we probably need to concentrate on retro ideas first. According to Cattifly so called monogram handbags with repeated geometric figures or harmoniously combined letters as their prints are on top 5 in 2018. The models are closely interconnected with the atmosphere of the 90th. If you order such a handbag with a wooden handle, you’ll be totally prepared for the season.

What about bucket bags? Some women say they remind of army, but the guys from Cattifly assure these models, especially when presented in oblong design, have every chance to become your favorite in 2018 and even up to 2021. Bucket bags look pretty compact, but have extremely much space inside. It’s a great choice if you like having a bottle of drinking water with you.

In case you are not interested in any of the abovementioned models, check pierced bags. The experts of Cattifly claim such models are a wonderful mix of quite classical design with an unusual small detail. They are especially popular with the fans of traditional handbags, as the customers don’t have to involve in too extravagant experiments this way. It’s important to mention suede pierced bags rock the party in 2018.

Round handbags looking more like hat boxes are also on the list of must-haves on 2018. According to Cattifly, such items appear unbelievably trendy if they come with animal prints this year. Most brands actually create big purses of the kind which are able to match any formal and informal outfit you like.

In case you adore animal motives in design of clothes and accessories, pay attention to feathers as well. The guys from Cattifly believe Proenza Schouler is a true master of evening handbags of the kind. If you need a real masterpiece hanging on your shoulder, don’t hesitate to stake on a feathery model.

As far as ordinary transparent handbags are already too familiar to everybody, designers offer their new modification this year. The experts of Cattifly explain the alternative sheer variants with pouch inserts (usually colorful ones) appear funny tricks, as you still deal with transparency, but point out there is something interesting not shown at once.

Have you heard of all the models? What is your favorite in 2018?