Hair Salon – Full Service Salon Solutions

A hair salon isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. Some offer the basics (cuts, perms and color) others offer a full range of services, including texturizing, hair extensions, and waxing. Other variations include a long list of spa services. Which type of salon is best for you depends on what’s important to “YOU”.

Following is a list of solutions offered in most full service hair salons.

Hair Salon Color Services


Basically, there are four types of highlights: traditional foil highlights, hair painting (balayage), lowlights and piecing (aka chunking) says Lyndsay Maderis of a popular Portland hair salon.

All Over Hair Color

This process changes the color of your entire head of hair, providing a one-dimensional color that can be as subtle or dramatic as you like.

Double-Process Color

This process also changes your overall hair color but adds extra color and dimension via a second treatment. The “double-color” process is used to take dark hair to a much lighter color. Be sure to consult with your stylist about whether your hair is in good enough shape to handle double-processing.

Be sure to ask for tips regarding how to care for your new hair color treatment afterward.

Hair Extensions

 These are so fun!  Want to add a bit of color? Volume? Length?  Get hair extensions. For the most natural, undetectable look, go with human hair extensions. For a quick, “on the go” solution, clip in synthetic extensions are great.

Deep Conditioning

This is a wonderful salon treatment that nourishes the hair, replenishing moisture and strengthening it. Sometimes the process includes a relaxing head massage.


Waxing services include everything from facial hair removal to eyebrow shaping.  The wax is warmed to room temperature, relaxing the skin and easing the removal process.

Services for Men

There are full service hair salons that also cater to men, offering services like customized haircuts, mustache and beard trims, hair coloring solutions, including gray blending techniques.

Haircare Products

Most hair salons carry a wide range of high quality haircare products. Popular brands you may see in a hair salon near you include Biolage, Bed Head, Hempz, Paul Mitchell, Crew, Chi and more.

Complimentary Consultation

Choose a hair salon that offers a complimentary consultation. The reason a consultation with the stylist is so important is because they can help you find the right style for your face shape, hair texture, and more.

The best way to find a full service hair salon and stylist that suits your needs is to ask for a referral. The best referral will come from someone who has a hairstyle you’ve been considering. Don’t be afraid to ask – they’ll more than likely take it as a compliment. Who wouldn’t? Also, be sure to let the stylist know who referred you because it will help them understand the kind of look you’re going for and who to thank for the referral.

A hair salon that offers a range of services, combined with a professional, experienced stylist, will ensure that you end up with a style you’re happy with.