Hacks On Washing Digital Printed Clothes

The digitally printed clothes are latest in trend. They are the top-selling item in clothing. If it has some fantastic prints, then one stands out from the crowd. Moreover, sometimes they are also used in advertising a particular event, cause, show love for the favorite team and much more.

There are so many garments printed daily. Over the time, people wonder how to take care of digitally printed t-shirt. If you have owned a one, you probably know the effect of cracked inks, a faded color that results from overuse of wearing, washing, and drying.

Therefore, we decided to share amazing hacks with you. Try them out and let us know about your experience.

  • If your clothes have very little dirt then do not click on the heavy wash option just for the sake of over cleaning. Use the right soil setting that will not make your t-shirt fade away faster.
  • Avoid Bleach at any cost. Everyone says the whites become whiter by using bleach. But, you are profoundly mistaken. You might have read that many clothing tags have written on it” Do not bleach.” It makes the fiber weak and causes respiratory issues including. Therefore, Follow the Instructions. Opt for a milder soap rather than strong detergents.
  • Use fabric conditioners, which are mild and no harmful chemicals, involved in it. It will grease the fibers of cloth during the wash so as they will not wear down quickly.
  • Add a half cup of vinegar whenever you are washing clothes. It will help you sustaining tone and prevent fading. Vinegar also cleans away the smell from clothes.
  • Whenever you are cleaning a garment for the first time, add a half cup of salt to avert bleeding of colors.
  • Make sure you stay away from the irons. If you NEED to do it, keep the setting lowest and iron the cloth inside out.
  • So that was all about quick tips on washing digital print clothes. Remember, it’s not only the tips the quality of t-shirt matters a lot. If it is of poor quality, then the print won’t last long.