Getting Fantastic Spray Tan with Minimal Fuss: 5 Things to Do Before You Tan

Whether it’s the summer where jumpers and trousers are substituted with shorts and tops or you are preparing for a beauty audition, tan is the way to go. Actually, there is no perfect time to enjoy bronze skin. The complexion is generally attractive and it makes you the envy of many. If you have been looking to have a bronze-looking skin, your prayer has been answered. All you need to do is get a spray tan.

This technique involves spraying a dihydroxyacetone-rich chemical on your skin to give it a suntan effect. So, your skin is treated to be darker than it is. However, spray tan is associated with issues like visible patches and streaks on the skin. Nevertheless, the good news is that these issues are avoidable if you take the right preparation measures.

Without further ado, here are 5 things you should do prior to spray tan:

  • Exfoliate

Your skin may not tan as you expect it to if there are dead skin cells on you. You need to scrape them off using a sponge or a soft brush. The process of removing the dead cells is what we call exfoliation. It boosts the chances of the spray absorbing evenly and sticking on new and live cells for long.

  • Shave

Though it’s not advisable to shave your arms and legs on the day of the appointment so as to avoid open cuts or residuals oils from shave gels or creams, you shouldn’t go for spray tan unshaved. This may make the chemical to collect around the follicle resulting in unwanted streaks. Just ensure that the shaving is done at least 24 hours before. When shaving, you should do it adequately so that no hair is left standing. If shaving is not your thing, then you should consider waxing. It should also be done a day before.

  • Coat your Nails

Even if it’s a thin application, you should coat your nails before the procedure. This will protect them from getting ruined by the spray chemical. You shouldn’t worry about the coat being messed up since the tan is easily removed from painted nails than on plain nails. The technician will help you wipe them.

  • Remove Makeup and Jewelry

It may seem odd to go out of the house without makeup or jewelry. However, you have to make the sacrifice if you are looking to enjoy a great spray tan. For one, the parts of your body covered by jewels may show white patches if the spray is applied while they are on you. On the other hand, makeup may interact with the content of spray tan resulting in embarrassing marks on your skin.

  • Test It

Lastly, it’s important that you know what spray tan shade matches your skin tone. You need to identify a suitable shade before the actual tan. The easiest way to test for the shades is to request for a pre-procedure patch test. In some salons, it’s offered free of charge once you promise to have spray tan there.

Today, a spray tan may be the closest thing to having a suntanned skin. However, you have to approach the procedure carefully to avoid possible side effects. The above ideas will help you prepare adequately for the skin coat.