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The invention of shoes happened when people felt that their feet need to be protected. The feet are subjected to many insults and abuses while walking, running or even standing for that matter. Shoes did a good job of providing the necessary protection. However, now a pair of shoes have lot more to do. It needs to make the wearer look good and stylish. Hence, shoes have taken entry into the fashion industry.

Role of shoes in fashion industry

Both mens and womens fashion provide a wide range of shoes to choose from. It is worth mentioning that the range and diversity of womens shoes take the upper hand as compared to that of mens. They are elegant, stylish and goes with the contemporary trend. Check out FSJshoes which has a huge collection of womens shoes.

History of high heeled shoes

High heels have not been characteristic to womens shoes only. Though in the 16th century the first high heeled shoes were worn by a woman named Catherine de medici, 200 years later the king of France wore a similar type of shoes. Men liked the concept of high heels as it gave them a sense of superiority in the society. Heels have always tried to signify royal class and luxury, and it started with the vintage heels. Nowadays, different types of high heels are available in the market. Yet, these particular heels are still playing the role of trend-setter and preferred by many.

Reasons for choosing vintage heels

Among a handful of reasons for opting these shoes, some are highlighted below:

  • To add a touch of elegance to the outlook.
  • Comfortable for use for longer periods.
  • Less prone to cause accidents.
  • Improves posture and gait.
  • Makes the wearer look tall and slimmer.

Things you should be careful about

Though these shoes are quite stylish, the wearer must be aware about certain things before choosing to wear a pair. They are:

  • You should maintain your posture consciously or else you will end up with back pain.
  • The shoes should be completely compatible with your feet so that it can support your feet properly while walking.
  • To carry these shoes well, you should have a proper control on your posture and gait.

Types of vintage heels

Vintage Pump heels

Pump heels are always preferred by women who spend most of their days outside the house particularly in office or corporate sectors. They provide both style and comfort. Often, they are used by high profile people as party wear.

Slingback shoes

Slingbacks give a classy look and can be used by women of all ages. Both sophisticated and casual forms are available to meet every demand.

Vintage boots

These boots are the new trend among the younger generation. They are suitable to be used all throughout the year. They are available with different heel lengths starting from kitty heels, going up to the highest limit. This can be worn with jeans, shirts and even with formal wear.

Conclusion-Vintage heels are popular among women since time immemorial. Since their entry in the fashion industry, these have continuously amazed the masses with the ever changing designs, patterns and prints. Grab a pair from FSJ shoes for yourself to discover its multipurpose use with the ever comfort and protection.