Four Common Mistakes Men Make when Wearing Ties

Wearing ties can be tricky. A lot of men can make mistakes especially if they don’t take fashion into account. They may just use the internet and find some guides for doing tie knots. But, having some knowledge of fashion can go a long way in helping you choose the right tie and ensuring you look good. Also, it is important to avoid the following mistakes when wearing ties:

Failing to Properly Tie the Tie

A poorly tied tie tends to go way too long or too short. It is important to ensure the gaps between the collars are filled. Also, avoid knots which who the narrow end of the tie.

Using a Novelty Tie with a Big Picture On It

Sometimes, you may want to buy a tie because it is a novelty. However, if there is a big picture on it, it’s not making a fashion statement at all. You can consider this kind of tie only when there is a major holiday that you wish to support. Also, a reds tie, for instance, is perfect to show your support to your favorite sports team.

Wearing Mismatched Colors and Patterns

Avoid choosing a wrong color or pattern for your ties. Pick shades which would match your shirt or suit. Also, concentrate on your personality when making choices; however, ensure the appropriateness of colors and patterns.

Wearing a Wrinkled or Stained Tie

Your tie can be your outfit’s focal point. It is what people see first and showing off a messy tie can lose the appeal of your entire outfit. Because ties cannot be washed or ironed, choose one that is made from a good fabric. After wearing your tie, untie it and do not wear the same tie the entire week. If your tie is stained, you need to get it professionally washed.