Five Reasons To Get A Blue Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Partner

Pure diamonds cost quite a fortune because the diamond’s purity dictates its value. A diamond with color has impurities that mix with its carbon or gem structure.

However, it doesn’t mean they become less valuable. In fact, they become more valuable because of their appearance.

Diamonds with a blue color have this characteristic because of the presence of Boron or Hydrogen. According to science, Boron particles trapped inside the crystal lattice absorbs yellow light. In turn, they reflect it back as a blue color.

Boron-blue crystals are known as Type IIb, which have acceptable numbers of nitrogen impurities. On the other hand, Type Ia blue stones have their blue color because of the presence of hydrogen.

While miners first found blue diamonds in an exclusive mine in Pretoria in South Africa, some local laboratories produce them for sale artificially. In turn, they become more affordable for anyone to purchase.

Why Get Blue Diamonds

As Beautiful As Authentic Diamonds

Many people seek pure diamonds or even pink ones because of their rarity and beauty. Unfortunately, these stones are rare, which makes their prices inflate to insane levels. However, blue diamonds are even more beautiful than pure diamonds despite having a lower price tag.

In fact, more people are interested in purchasing blue diamonds. Blue is a color that accompanies any type of fashion.

For example, a pair of blue diamond earrings will look interesting in virtually any outfit because of its subtle appearance. On the other hand, a pair of yellow diamond earrings will require a special organization of outfit and appearance to provide a suitable aesthetic.

Therefore, a blue diamond engagement ring or earring wins against other diamond colors.

Affordable and Practical Compared to Pure Diamonds

As mentioned earlier, a blue diamond engagement ring will not cost a fortune. On the other hand, a pure diamond engagement ring will cost you a year’s worth of savings.

With many artificial manufacturers producing blue diamond accessories, the competition between jewelers is high. Therefore, the stable markets in both offline and online markets have helpful prices for anyone seeking a good blue diamond engagement ring or accessory.

Can Be Found and Bought Anywhere

Originally, you can only find these diamonds from Cullinan mine in South Africa. However, licensed manufacturers can treat colorless stones and use radiation to change the stone’s atomic structure to mimic that of a blue diamond.

Therefore, the cost of the original colorless stone increases once boron or hydrogen becomes trapped in its crystal lattices. However, their cost will not elevate to that of pure diamonds.

Through this process, many jewelers sell blue diamonds at an affordable price. There is no risk of getting counterfeit blue diamonds because they will always come with a validation certificate approved by a regulatory board.

Symbolizes Great Spiritual Values

If you want your lover to swoon, then you’ll want to get a blue diamond. These diamonds symbolize eternity, truth, devotion, peace, chastity, and spirituality.

For those about to give a blue diamond engagement ring, they will enjoy a life of excellent peace and tranquility with their partner. The stone will raise the couple’s spirituality, improve faithfulness, and escalate their devotion to each other.

Easy to Find a Perfect Stone

It is easy to find a real, perfect blue diamond. Clarity is not as important for blue diamonds, but you will want to find a diamond with a beautiful cut. If you see a blue diamond with a similar pure diamond cut, avoid getting this because the cuts of pure diamonds differ from their blue variants.

Therefore, always look for a stone that shows the beauty of the stone’s blue color in full. Your focus should be on the actual aesthetics of the blue diamond to find the perfect blue diamond engagement ring.

Wrapping Up

Blue diamonds are affordable, easy to find, and add great value to anyone wishing to give one as an engagement ring.