Fashionable Lingerie That Will Leave Your Husband Drooling

After the ceremony and the party with friends and family, finally comes the expected time to enjoy the moments to two.

And here are the questions: What should I wear on my wedding night? And what to bring from lingerie to the honeymoon? Should I wear white?

Many are the doubts for this special moment! With so much variety and beautiful pieces out there, it’s pretty complicated to choose the perfect lingerie for the wedding night and the mix of pieces for the honeymoon days.

Not to be wrong in choosing, we separate in this post some lingerie tips and ideas that will leave your husband drooling! ZAFUL

Lingerie for the wedding night

Lingerie for Honeymooners


Lingerie for the wedding night

The first night of the couple is undoubtedly the most special moment of the honeymoon and requires special care in choosing the perfect lingerie.

White is still the most traditional color of lingerie on a wedding night, but there are no rules. The bride can vary by betting on other soft colors like pink frosting, blue or light yellow. If you want to dare, stronger and more intense colors like red or black.

Be it a romantic or sexy style, the occasion calls for more feminine and ornate models, with details such as lace, ribbons and transparencies. Corsets, corsets and bralets are great options to get out of the here

Adornments that complement the look making you sexier, such as gloves, socks and garter belts are welcome.

Another tip is to use some wedding pieces to add a special touch to the moment, such as tiaras and jewelry.

Lingerie for Honeymooners

The choice of lingerie mix for honeymoon should be based on comfort, but without leaving the sensuality aside.

For more romantic looks, bet on pastel-colored pieces such as pink glacé and blue Cinderella, which aspire to femininity, sweetness and romanticism. The white itself can be used.

It just is not worth nudes and common patterns that you would use in everyday life. Choose well-adorned pieces with lace, laces and other feminine details.

For sexier looks and between four walls, more sober colors like black and red can make the weather warmer. Invest in gloves, stockings, persex, corsets, garter belt and other sexy props.

But remember, nothing to force a situation and wear parts that are not about you just because they are considered “sexy”.

If you do not feel comfortable with a thong or a corset, choose other options that can be as sexy as these pieces, but have to do with your personality and physical type.


honeymoon lingerie

An important detail in choosing lingerie for honeymoon, and that goes unnoticed by the brides, are the pieces that will be used to sleep.

No cotton pajamas and pet print! On the honeymoon, the bride has to squander sensuality even at bedtime.

Light, soft fabrics such as silk or liganete are comfortable and sexy at the same time. When choosing the sweater, remember to combine it with lingerie and bet on feminine details such as crevices, laces and ribbons.

Baby dolls are also great choices, they are sexy, provocative and comfortable. Invest in models with openings, ribbons, laces and transparencies. A robe is also welcome, because it raises the male imagination about what the woman has underneath.

There are no rules in choosing lingerie for the honeymoon. The decision on which parts to use has to match your personality and that of your partner, as well as making you feel comfortable and secure.

Of course you can (and should!) Dare. But respect your preferences. Invest in shapes that value your body and leave you comfortable to experience this special moment in the life of the couple.