Dressing for plus-size women according to their body shapes.

Women have different body shapes and when they are plus-sized then they can opt for some great choices while dressing up.Here we have some great tips to dress up according to your own body shape. Let’s have a detailed look:

  • Supportive undergarments:One of the important thing for great dressing is to opt for supportive and comfortable undergarments. Any undergarment that is good looking doesn’t always end up comforting and supportive with your upper clothes so instead of getting fancy, go for the good quality undergarments. A high waist, low legged underwear could be a great option if you have wide hips and waist. It will go well with whatever you wear on it.
  • For Pear shaped body:If you have weight around your waist and hips then you can wear something that can flat your bottom. You can wear tailored skirts and trousers that have narrow legs. Don’t wear flared pants like bell bottom and wide legs, it will make you more widened. You should also avoid wearing baggy clothes and they will make your bulkier. Wear nicely shaped dresses with a little bit of shoulders length and waistline. If you have to wear something that is just one piece, then add a belt on it to have a nice shape of your body. if you are going to wear a skirt then go for A-line skirt and avoid pencil skirts. Also, skater skirts can bring out a beauty in every girl for sure. If you want to wear slender shape dresses, then you can wear a skinny jeans or a straight leg jeans. Just buy the jeans in dark color and avoid washed up light colors. Legging is also a very popular and comfortable choice for any size leather look leggings can be worn with a little long shirt or mini coat.
  • For Apple Shaped body:If you have weight on your stomach and on shoulders then your body shape is most likely apple shape. Well just like Pear-shaped body, we have some tips for an Apple shaped body as well.In this body, you should wear clothes that can flatten your upper half. You should opt for untailored T shaped dresses. Any dress that covers your shoulders and comes down is great. Wear a dress shirt that is free sized around the bottom. If its buttons are closed and there is no fitting, then it is good to wear if it feels tight then don’t wear it. Any shirt that is tight to the button will leave holes while buttoned which doesn’t look very decent. Wear full-sized jackets and cardigans type dresses as they will make you look good. Avoid mini coats, jackets, and cropped dresses. As for the sleeves, try the full, or three-quarter sleeve as they tend to hide the fats around your arms. If you are wearing the top on a pant, then go for the tunic styled top as they look more tailored at the bottom half while wearing.