Different Dermal Fillers & Their Uses

Dermal fillers have become very popular alternatives to Botox injections for cosmetic improvements to skin tone.  This is primarily because most dermal fillers are derived from natural substances that are already present in the human body.  Because they are natural, they tend to be safer than chemical Botox injections but, as with all treatments, there are possible side effects involved with dermal fillers.  In addition to educating yourself on the possible side effects, it is important to know what is on the market and how it is best used.  There are many choices available when you buy dermal fillers online.  In fact, there are so many choices that it can get a little overwhelming so below is a brief list of the dermal fillers that are available, what they are derived from, and some specific uses for each.

Hyaluronic acid:  In recent years, Hyaluronic acid has become increasingly popular as a beauty treatment.  This material is found in many fluids in the human body such as the fluid around the joints and eyes.  To be used cosmetically, it is extracted and then reformulated.  It naturally “plumps” the areas where it is in the body.  Because of that, Hyaluronic acid is commonly used to treat minor wrinkles and other facial conditions where the skin is sunken in some way.  The natural action of Hyaluronic acid to “plump” soft tissue quickly fills in the lines on the face.

Common side effects include irritation around the sites of injection, similar to what you expect from a vaccination shot – redness, swelling, some pain, etc

Polylactic Acid:  While this example is not actually produced naturally in the body, it is derived from corn starch and cassava root which are both natural substances.  Polylactic acid is actually a biodegradable and bioactive substance that can stimulate your body’s production of collagen when injected as a dermal filler.  Collagen is the body’s natural answer to keeping skin stretchy, hydrated, and plump so if your skin is being encouraged to create more collagen, your body will improve your skin all by itself.

Some common side effects for Polylactic acid include redness, pain, bleeding, itchiness and other irritation at the sites of injections.

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Calcium hydroxylapatite:  In its original form, calcium hydroxylapatite is the primary substance in human bones and teeth.  For cosmetic purposes though, the original form is not used.  Instead, a bio-engineered substitute is used.  The fact that it is synthetic dramatically decreases a person’s chances of allergic reaction and other side effects.  Because this material mimics bone behavior, it is often used in cosmetic surgery to enhance cheek bones, eye sockets, and other beauty treatments that alter the bone structure.  This product also has an extensive safety history because it has been in use for many years in various medical fields.


Although rare, this treatment can produce side effects.  These include:  allergic reaction, a skin infection (such as acne) becomes more infected, and pain.  This filler is dense and heavy so it can produce more pain when used than other dermal fillers.


There are several other materials available to buy dermal fillers online but, these are three of the most common and safest choices on the market.  Always discuss everything thoroughly with your practitioner before committing to any treatment, especially treatments that alter your body’s construction.