Clear Negative Energy At Home Or Work Using Healing Crystals

Negative energy at home can be caused by a myriad of things. However, that’s not the subject of this post. You willed yourself here because you want to rid your home of such energy. It’s possible to do so in a variety of ways. One of the most effective ways is through the usage of healing crystals. Having even just one at home will help tremendously.

Most homeowners look towards things such as healing crystals, gemstones, ornaments, and even a singing bowl to clear their home of negative energy. Productivity, purity, and peace all come back when you no longer feel negative feelings and think negative thoughts while you are at home. You will be able to let out your full creativity and good vibes.

A common misconception about healing crystals is that you need to be some kind of Zen master or know an incantation to get the effect that you so desire: clearing negative energy. The metaphysical properties that are brought to you by healing crystals actually work regardless of what you do. The effects were there before it was brought to you and will be there long after.

Using the right healing crystals per room

You should know that the room that you’re going to put the healing crystal in matters a lot. Different crystals have different healing effects to you and everyone in your home. Of course, the main goal is to rid it of negative energy, but it doesn’t hurt to get other benefits along the way. Below are some suggestions as to where you should put your healing crystals:

Amethyst in the bedrooms to act as the dreamer’s stone

Obsidian in the children’s room to protect your children as they dream

Rose Quartz in the kitchen to add healing properties to the food being cooked

Amber in the living room to prevent negative energy from lingering

Clear Quartz in the bathroom to help cleanse you of negative toxins

Knowing complimentary items and strategies

While you clear your home of negative energy through healing crystals, you can also take advantage of other items and actions that can ensure that negative energy no longer has a chance to return. Below are some items that you should keep in mind if you’ve already put effort in with your healing crystals:

To create healing vibrations both physically and spiritually, use a singing bowl

To add the sense of prosperity and enhance life, have fresh flowers in rooms

To have a physically and spiritually relaxing scent, use Palo Santo

To cleanse the rooms of negative energy and pollution, burn candles

Refreshing your home

Cleansing starts physically. To get rid of negative energy, you must first put in effort in the physical properties in your home. You can start by cleaning your home in an orderly fashion. If you believe that it is going to be a daunting process, you can use a strategy such as cleaning room per room in a clockwise direction.
Use a singing bowl to meditate and achieve balance. We have various Tibetan singing bowls at Earths Elements that you can choose from.