“Classy” Wedding Themes – Organisation Hacks

The coming year promises to bring back the ultra chic wedding. Barn weddings are stepping back, and brides are gracing the aisles of churches, cathedrals, and grand hotels.

To create a classy theme wedding, you will need to select an era. Perhaps you are getting married in a Victorian style chapel. Your invitations will feature Victorian lace or pressed foil, and calligraphy. Your reception will be decorated accordingly.

Every bride wants her wedding day to be picture perfect, but unless you hire a world-class wedding planner and a personal dress designer, you are going to have to do much of the planning yourself.

We have hacks and tips for leaders of the wedding industry to help you. Even if you are confident that you know exactly what to do to accomplish your look, your bridesmaids and groomsmen may be less informed. The bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride need a dress for a black tie affair. Groomsmen need tuxedos that are like the groom but set apart with subtle differences.

Trending Wedding Gowns

Brides are wearing white this year. There are fewer wearing ivory or cream. They are wearing bright white and diamond white. Last year, metallic fabric made an appearance in silver, gold, and sometimes colors like sea green or gunmetal gray. The gowns are semi-sheer, and the lacework provides just enough coverage.

Some brides are bold enough to wear this gown in a formal venue. However, the metallic fabric trending this year will be rust colored. With bridesmaids wearing deep burgundy, navy, black or even dark red, rust metallic embellishments are breathtaking.

Necklines and sleeves

This is the year of the elegant bride. But, elegance does not mean boring. The beautiful gowns that you will see this year have long flowing skirts or but princess skirts. The necklines pull the eye to the face. Off the shoulder dresses with long sleeves accent the bride with beautiful shoulders and necks. Halter style necklines are sexy and chic and draw the eye right to the face of the glowing bride.

Professional Hack #1

If long sleeves and high necklines is not your style, you can have your sweetheart neckline, sleeveless and low cut or lace backs by simply adding the hottest accessory to hit the runway in years. Go with the bridal cape.

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The bride has the beautiful and classy look of royalty during the wedding. Then removing the cape and revealing an entirely different look of an after 6 gala for the reception.

Professional Hack #2

Your bridesmaids can have the same affect with their gowns. Bridesmaids are wearing deep red, rust, burgundy, as well as classic navy, and black. They can wear a beautiful gown with any neckline if they pair it with a chiffon, silk, lace, or faux fur wrap. After the wedding, they still look beautiful but less reserved by removing the wrap if they choose too. Some bridesmaids are wearing a two piece floor length skirt and matching top. The skirt can be traded for a lovely pair of flowing pants.

Grooms and groomsmen

The stylish and chic wedding demands gentlemen wear tuxedos after 6. The groom should wear his black tux with a white vest and tie and the groomsmen should wear the same color tux, substituting the vest for black vests and black ties. Boutonniere or ties the color of the bridesmaids gowns bring it all together.

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For the past three years, bridal bouquets have been “growing.” 2018 was an exciting year. Bouquets supported a large amount of greenery, bright and colorful flowers that are fully opened. The bouquets were placed on reception tables as centerpieces during the reception.

This year more traditional flowers are used. Roses (partially bloomed) are the primary flower with subtle colors added for a more formal arrangement.

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Professional Hack # 3

Floral architecture has been designing flora arches and entryways for many years. However, this year is the year of photo walls. Your florist will construct a wall, leaving strategic places to place the bridesmaid bouquets. Guests can take photographs in front of the wall.

Follow these tips and share them with your wedding planner. You will design the wedding of your dreams. It will be the social event of your town and a day that will live in your memory forever.