Akoya, Tahiti and South Sea Pearls Are Farmed in the South Seas that Produce Warm and Very Large

Akoya is parts of a genus of sea snails, or marine mollusks in the family of Calliostomatidae within the Trochoidea super family, these are the allied and turban snails. Cultured pearls Currently cultured pearls on the market can usually be divided into two categories. The 1st class covers pearls that are beaded and cultured such […]


Things you must know before buying diamonds

People have a craze of buying diamonds. The craze of buying a diamond has increased in recent years. Diamond is the most attractive and beautiful stone. Women are obsessed with diamond and they desire to possess diamond jewelry. There are some important things to learn about diamonds.  The important things that you should know about […]


Attractive And Personalized Gifts For The Loved Ones

They are the token of love that is meant for the expression of emotions towards the closed ones. It is the means of expressing one’s gratitude and feelings for the loved ones. It can be categorized for different kinds of occasion like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Apology presents, etc. These can also […]


Why a Vintage Engagement Ring Is Good Luck

Vintage engagement rings have a certain romantic appeal that makes them an exceptional choice for brides-to-be. Not only are they unique and often masterfully handcrafted, but they are also believed to bring good luck. Each individual piece of vintage jewelry holds a special time in history when marriage was used to signify a lifetime of […]


6 Beautiful Handmade Jewellery Designs That Are Owing the World

Handmade jewellery carries the essence of personal touch that makes it so special. It is also because of the unique designs and finesse that handmade diamond and gemstone rings, bracelets, and necklaces make it to the mesmerising list of wedding and engagement gifts. Besides, the metal’s quality is inarguably accurate and the diamonds are lab […]

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Look Fabulous on Your Special Day

No matter whatever occasions and special moments that you have come through in your life, the wedding day is definitely going to be the best of the lot. This is the time your loved, near and dear ones surround you to make you even more special. There are many important aspects to pay attention to […]


Things to consider when opening an online jewelry store

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Even men love wearing some of them. Various styles and designs of the jewelry would glam you up in such a way that nothing else could do. And if you have wanted to start a jewelry business, there is no better option than starting your own online jewelry stores. […]


Five Reasons To Get A Blue Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Partner

Pure diamonds cost quite a fortune because the diamond’s purity dictates its value. A diamond with color has impurities that mix with its carbon or gem structure. However, it doesn’t mean they become less valuable. In fact, they become more valuable because of their appearance. Diamonds with a blue color have this characteristic because of […]


Symbolizes Your Unending Love with Beautiful Wedding Rings

Are you looking to astonish you’re loved one on the wedding day with the most elegant and marvelous wedding ring? Candere online offers you a wonderful collection of stunning wedding rings across various brands from traditional metals to the precious diamond rings. Many numbers of Wedding rings are available that would normally symbolize your unending […]


Simple tips to keep your diamond jhumkas last for long

Diamonds are the true friends of a woman or girl. In a true sense, they teach us how to bright and become valuable among others. Present as the natural and hardest substance, diamond definitely needs proper care. Apart from just keeping them stored well, you just have to follow some tips also to keep your […]