Can Human Hair Extensions be Dyed?

I love how human extensionshave the ability to transform your look and give you the option of trying out new hairstyles. Remy hair extensions last long, and can even be worn for more than one year. If you have been wearing hair extensions, you might be wondering how safe it is to dye your hair.

Yes, it is Safe to Dye your Hair Extension!

Hair extensions are a replica of your natural hair; you can do anything to them if you can also do this to your natural hair. This ranges from cutting, dyeing, chemical processing,and heat styling. Many that wear hair extensions desire to have a color that blends perfectly well with their natural hair. This is what you should consider before dyeing your extension:

Perform a strand test:Even though hair extensions are not your actual hair and can be replaced any time, it is important to perform a strand test to monitor how they will respond to the coloring process. Follow the procedure outlined in mixing the dye, then apply it to a small section of the hair. Closely monitor its response to the dye all the way to the end result.

You are safer with dyeing virgin hair extensions:Virgin Remy hair has not undergone anychemical processing hence dying will cause very minimal damage to it. It is advisable to avoid very harsh chemicals, even though Remy hair can be darkened or lightened to the levels you prefer. Expert advice: do not try out dyes on non-Remy hair. Due to the chemical processing these strands have undergone, they already have been stripped off their strength. They are therefore not in their best state for dye application.

Several applications might be required to lighten your extension. Jet black extensions may require several applications should you want to dye it a light brown or blonde color. The application would be intended to strip it of its natural color, while the subsequent applications would be to bleach it to your desired color. In some instances, you may be required to do several applications before your desired shade is achieved. This is why a strand test comes in handy, as it safeguards you from ending up with a head full of a strange orange color.

Strong chemicals can damage your hair extension beyond repair. High-quality human hair weaves have an intact cuticle layer. it is this outer cuticle layer that leaves this hair with a natural shine and dense body. Use of strong chemicals strips the hair of this outer layer, leaving it brittle, dull and weak.

Remy hair extensions have a variety of shades. It is not a must that you dye your hair in order to achieve your desired shade. With lace wigs, clip-ins and laced frontals, you can achieve a quick and safer color change within an instant.

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