Boss Behavior Clothing Has Big Plans 2019

Boss Behavior Clothing is an online clothing store based in Atlanta, GA. BBH mission is to inspire/ promote the innovation of entrepreneurship, creativity and self-love through fashion. Boss Behavior Clothing has changed the game through the instagram app by reposting their customers, which brings a positive vibe to their brand. We sat with Boss Behavior Clothing CEO, Aaliyah Anderson…

1) They say bosses move in silence. Why do you think it’s important to move in silence? I think it’s important to move in silence because it’s keeps you from being distracted. Once you tell someone your vision, you open the door up for opinions from others that God didn’t give them. Negativity can bring on discouragement. I only vent to God and my husband because I know they have my back if no one else does. Think about it…Have you ever noticed when you tell someone something they say ‘they are going to do it too’ or try to get/do it first?? Lol smh it makes you not even want to do it or get it any more. People can be very evil and wish the worst for you. Just like God is real, the devil is too. That’s why you have to stay prayed up and stay focus. Some people might think you are acting funny but those are not your people.

2) Soda or Water? Water. Drink water and mind your business lol major key

3) Summer or winter? Winter because it’s fun to dress up. I have a thing for tall boots, furs and capes.

4) What’s your favorite fruit? Mango. I was raised in Atlanta but I’m also a Miami girl so I love mangos. I will eat mango anything. Whenever I’m in Miami, I have to stop my Liberty City Flea Market for a mango milkshake. It’s a must lol

5) What’s your goal for 2019? I have big plans. 2018 was really good to me.

Boss Behavior Clothing can now be found in Hawaii at Urban Island Wear. In 2019, I’m going to focus more on the vision. I’m going to do something really special for the kids. We will be having lots of giveaways and events. I just want to network and create dope content with dope people. I going to have the whole city bossed up. 2019 -Atlanta/USA… 2020 -the world!!! @boss_behavior.  We have a few tricks up our sleeve for the new year. Stay tune and make sure you sign up for our newsletter on our website . Thank you to everyone who ever supported BBH (purchases, promotions, likes, comments, kind words and reposts) . It means a lot. We will not let you down.