Beyond The Art Of Enamel Pins

Nowadays, there are multiple types of accessories. Leather, plastic, fur, and precious metals are some of the most common choices. The great variety of choices gives every individual the opportunity to be unique. Expression and beauty find a common path in metallic jewelry and accessories.

Right now there is a shift of focus towards metallic enamel pins. They are very common, and people enjoy wearing them for several reasons. These reasons may include: supporting a cause, expression of preferences in music or anime, favorite puns, and wordplay.

Here are some of the causes behind such success:

People identify themselves

If a group of people has joined a common cause, such as fighting cancer, they can have pins related to this. Sometimes organizations ask an artist to create custom pins for their group. This way a whole group of people can wear them and feel they belong. In some cases, these pins are sold to raise funds for charity organizations or something similar.

It is also very common to see people at the formal meeting wearing flag pins according to the country they represent. This is also valid for big corporations such as McDonald’s. They have different pins for their employees according to their duties or position. It is very common to combine this with different woven labels that say their names. This is an effortless way to identify them. These labels are also very useful to wear on t-shirts or hat. They are easy to order and have manufactured for a low price.

You can express your preference

If you are fond of a particular band, cartoon or anime series, you can use pins to show it. The advantage of having so many models and designs available is that you can have more than one. This way you will have a pair always ready to go with your many outfits.

If you like a specific type of music, you can have pins that portray the most common instruments these bands use. Guitars, drums, microphones, they all look cool when designed into an enamel pin.

An image is worth a thousand words

An image of words looks great on enamel pins. Your favorite phrase, idiomatic expression or pun can also look good on enamel. Just remember that the longer the phrase, the heavier the pin. So, be careful with your words.

Once that you have decided about your favorite topic. There are some other design features that you have to take into consideration. Pins are pieces of jewelry after all, and they have to follow certain rules. If you want to have an artist create your pin, or if you will do it yourself, pay attention to the following:

Choose a design with simple lines

Enamel pins have thick metallic lines dividing the color areas. If there are too many lines, the drawing will be difficult to create. They can be blurry or too close to clearly outline the image. You can also choose a model and modify it yourself to clear some lines. There are also plenty of app and sites where you can find some help with your pin.

The larger, the heavier

Some women don’t like to wear big earrings because they are too heavy. The same rule applies to enamel pins. They are metallic, and if you choose to have a large pin, it will be heavy and annoying to wear. Heavy pins can tear your clothes. They also tend to fall because of movement. Small pins look better and are more practical to use.

Different materials, different result

Making an enamel pin is not something vain or easy. If you want to have a piece of high quality you have to make sure details are taken into account. One important aspect is the material that will be used. Hard enamel pins are the best option if you want a better finishing. Their lines are softer, and the surface is smoother than other options. Soft enamel is cheaper, and it can also be a good option to try new designs first.

Making a piece of jewelry or an accessory is more artistic than it looks. Choosing the right design and also the correct material will make a difference in the final result. An enamel pin can be considered as a precious gift or souvenir or just a piece of metal. This will depend on the attention and care the artist gives to it. This is why it is so important to find a manufacturer and a designer you trust.