Best Clothes and Accessories to Hide Belly

Many women, particularly after going through peri-menopause or menopause, gain on their bellies after 40  and experience weight gain. Your waist could be gone and you’ll begin to grow more apple body shape characteristics.

If you’re trying to cover up a tummy, it can be easy to do the reverse and make you look bigger than you are. Luckily there are a lot of clothes for apple shape so that you can do to cover your belly, so it won’t get in the way of looking fabulously stylish!

Hide your belly using accessories

Accessories can be a perfect weapon to cover your belly or to confuse it. For starters, you might wear a colorful scarf to attract attention to your face upwards. And, to cover your tummy, you can leave your scarf loose so that it drapes down and produces a column effect. Statement necklaces are another effective way of attracting attention upwards.

Make use of the available flattering brands

Of course, certain stores and brands are more focused on women with supermodel-type bodies, while others are more suited for people who choose to skim over other parts of the body. There are fashion companies in Singapore that come up with clothes that can make other ladies feel comfortable who do not come in the bracket of size zero ladies. You can check them out in the Yishion Singapore.

Distance your belly and the sleeve

If you’re talking about covering a tummy, you’re concentrating on whether your top or dress drapes are clinging over your belly region or clinging to it. Don’t forget about the sleeves, though. You can only draw attention to this region if your sleeves end right at the point where your belly is at its widest.

Take the attention away

When you think about how to hide your belly, it’s easy to become so focused on doing that you forget about everything else. You may not be confident about your tummy, but what about the parts of your body that you do like? You can highlight your shoulders or showcase your lovely legs with the clothes for an apple shape.

Be grateful to shapewear

Of course, shapewear such as these shorts that tuck the tummy is also very useful in covering the stomach, but because many find it awkward, and they use it mostly for very special occasions.

Printed tops

In hiding bellies, the prints are very successful and you should certainly consider including a few in your wardrobe. When you pair a printed top with one of the hiding tips in our belly above, nobody will spot your tummy!



Use pants to tuck the tummy

The pants you wear will make a huge difference in how large your belly can look. Be conscious that you don’t buy pants that end in the middle of your belly and build a huge bulge. Perhaps you want to wear trousers with a higher rise and a hat that can tuck your tummy in.

You should also find Jean’s tummy tuck. Most of these jeans have an elastic waistband, and others have standard fastenings that are made of stretcher fabric with clever control panels.

Make use of the Asymmetrical tops

Asymmetrical tops create vertical and diagonal lines and break up your silhouette so they are great for disguising tummies. Pick a few of them for a great look from the Yishion Singapore.

Do not tuck

Tucking attracts attention to your (never again non-existent waist) so best to stop this. This is because you’ll build a line around your tummy at its widest part if you tuck it in your shirt. Leave the top outside your skirt or pants, instead.

Look for the draping element

Make sure your dresses don’t cling to the region around your tummy. Some dresses that have a draping feature around the tummy section will work wonder. Asymmetric dresses often perform well by drawing focus away from the abdomen and forming a vertical line. Dresses that don’t stick and that also have designs are perfect to cover the region around the tummy.

Do not wear accessories right over the bulging tummy

You don’t have to stop belting entirely when choosing a suit, top or cardigan. Just make sure the belt sits a little higher, so at its widest level, you’re not attracting attention to your bubble belly or butt. Often, patterns can help keep an eye out of a wider tummy too and in turn, this can do the trick.

Use layer in summer or winter

During spring and summer, you can always layer, you just need to choose lighter fabrics. You can choose a jacket, instead of a cardigan. A long jacket is ideal for long, lean vertical lines, but you can also opt for a shorter waterfall jacket.

Layer for any season

It works very well to build vertical lines with cardigans but you can also wear shorter jackets to cover a tummy. When you slip a biker jacket over a longer top, you’ll confuse your eye and your belly will be covered by the various lengths. When it comes to covering a butt, layers are certainly your savior.