Barbara Montalvo – 2020 Fashion Trends for Grabbing the Limelight

If you are a fashion-conscious woman, the time has come to bid adieu to the fashion trends of 2019. 2020 is a new year, and it deserves a new year as well. If you want to give your wardrobe the vibrancy and freshness you wish to portray in the new year; you should embrace the latest 2020 fashion trends that are here to stay for the whole year!

Barbara Montalvo – 2020 fashion trends to embrace this year

Barbara Montalvo is an eminent fashion blogger in New York known for her high- end fashion collection and high street style. She says that the following are the latest 2020 trends to embrace this spring to grab the limelight and make heads turn-

  1. Puffy sleeves- If you love being a romantic at heart, choose dresses that have puffy sleeves. They look dramatic and voluminous at the same time. Check out the fashion runways at New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Runways to get inspirational ideas.
  1. Polka dots- Yes, this classical print has been around for a long time and is here to stay this year as well. They are ideal for summer and great for those women who like simple prints but not too much when they head outside.
  1. Pleats- Pleats are in vogue this year. They were hot in fashion at major fashion runways across the world.
  1. Trench Coats- These coats were popular on the runways of Burberry, JW Anderson, and others this year. These coats have been reworked on this year to give you a unique style appeal like having animal prints and statement pockets.
  1. Buttercup yellow clothes- Buttercup yellow clothes are in vogue for 2020. The color is versatile and fresh for every woman to flaunt in style.
  1. Maxi and Medi Denim Skirts- Remember the denim skirts in the 1990s. Well, they are back in style this year. Choose Maxi and Medi skirts made from blue denim fabric to make the most of your fashion statement this year.
  1. Utility Jumpsuits- They are fit for attracting attention and grabbing the limelight. They are ideal for women who face trouble planning their outfits.
  1. Leather all the year-round- If you love leather, they are ideal for 2020. Team them up with your clothes and pick up pieces that are within your budget. All the colors are in this year, so you do not have to choose black. Leather blazers should be the focal point of your wardrobe this year.

Barbara Montalvo says that when it comes to fashion for 2020, the above fashion trends listed above surely should not be missed out from your wardrobe. Some of them that were popular years ago is back to rule the fashion scene this year. Look for inspiration online from websites and blogs. Check out stores that stock the latest when it comes to spring, summer, autumn, and winter collection for you. With the above choices, you will not go wrong with style and fashion this year. Embrace them with wide open arms and catch attention wherever you go with success!